Bill Donohue Must Check The Facts

Bill Donohue has made two statements that are so far away from reality, one really wonders on which planet these people live.

The first is that he said the Relatio post disceptationem was “leaked”. No it wasn’t. It was the official interim documents, announced to the press beforehand, and released to the journalists at the scheduled time. Nothing can be less of a leak than this. Donohue is trying to persuade us that the Pope was not behind the document, and he does not do it in a very intelligent way.

The second is when he says that the bishops reacted not so much to the content, but to the method (not being consulted before the release). Apart from the fact that this confirms the document was not leaked, it is factually wrong. The final document is so utterly and completely different from the preliminary one in everything that counts, that to say the problem was mainly one of method is to deny reality. Again, reality is denied in order to deny that The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, TMAHICH, the Unholy Father, disgracefully reigning, is behind all this.

If we Catholics want to start fighting seriously against evil, we must get rid of this kind of professional operators always trying to hide the truth from you every time there is something not convenient for them in it.

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  1. Donahue defends the bishops all the time, so this statement by him defending the Bishop of Rome is par for course for him.

  2. It looks like damage control from above…Voris just posted a “clarification” of his ” seeing the light ” video recorded during the Synod.

  3. Poor Voris….still sticking to his guns no matter what. That guy is lost….and I’m getting a little tired of some people defending him for all the “good he has done”. You dont fear the one who tries to spread error all of the time….that person is easily seen for what he is; you fear the person who mixes mostly truth with a little error…he’s the dangerous one.

    • I believe in his good faith, but I believe he is seriously erring. And I was not criticised personally. Vennari, Ferrara and Verrecchio were.

  4. Another intelligent person jettisoning logic and reason to support the insupportable on the part of the Pope (or Cardinal Dolan) as the case may be. Is he not embarrassed? Ashamed? I can only presume money and political compromise is involved in Donohoe’s saying such blatantly irrational things.

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