Si Tacuisses, Philosophus Mansisses

I keep reading Cardinals who sound as if they belonged to a different religion. Actually, I keep reading Cardinals who do show, by their own talking, that they belong to a different religion.

The latest one is Cardinal Ravasi, the Lou Reed fan, very eager to take a walk on the wild side. Ravasi reacts to Cardinal Burke's invitation to the Pope to quench the heresy, and says in his innocent ignorance of everything Catholic that no, the Pope could not do that, because his intervention it would have ended the debate. Roma locuta, causa finita, said the chap, to show us in life he hasn't been listening to Lou Reed all the time.

The stupidity of this is immense, but is the more insulting if we reflect that it comes from a Cardinal.

Roma not only used to, but has to speak – for all times to come – exactly in order to end discussions that should not have started in the first place! Heresy is not on a par footing with Truth, and the Pope is never ever to be neutral between the one and the other.

Cardinal “Lou Reed” Ravasi does not get this simple concept. He talks as if the discussion took place inside a political party. He has no idea – or does not care – about the principles involved. To him, “Rome” has a duty to encourage discussion irrespective of what is actually discussed.

This man is a Cardinal. A Church with such Princes is truly a Kingdom in serious need of repair.


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  1. A trifle insensitive, I think, Mundabor – you don’t seem aware that Dialogue is a holy sacrament in their religion. It’s right up there with Encounter, Renewal, Ecumenism, Tolerance… A strange faith it is (if faith is the right word, here – there’s not too much of a focus on belief), and one which inexplicably always seems to have “gays” loitering around on the next corner…

  2. The opening lyrics of “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”, for those not familiar:

    Holly came from Miami F.L.A.
    Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
    Plucked her eyebrows on the way
    Shaved her legs and then he was a she


    Yep, that fits with the church of Freakie Frankie all right. How long before we see a priest in drag?

  3. Ravasi was one of Cardinal Martini’s proteges, a pupil of him. He aspired to his succession, and was twice frustrated . Go figure him as Archibishop of Milan! Martini on steroids ( or may I say on estrogens?)

  4. I got the reference to “Yes Prime Minister”. 🙂

    • We actually get it at school…

    • I don’t understand.

    • What is that you do not understand?

    • When you said: “We actually get it at school…”

      I am unsure what you mean by that.

    • Ah!

      These Latin expressions are common school fare for people who go to school (at least to certain schools) in Italy. In general, there is a wealth of Latin expressions far more commonly used in Italy than in other Countries, where people get in contact with them, say, exclusively through TV shows like “Yes, Minister”. My philosophy teacher at school (may he rest in peace, and let’s hope God had mercy on him) used this Latin expression, like many others, liberally.


  5. Mundy, OT: Cardinal Piacenza has spoken! Not as forcefully as other Cardinals have done, but anyway…It’ s on Radio Vaticana today.

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