Francis’ Next Move And The Catholic D-Day: A Reflection

Heresy Beach under attack. Thursday, 16 October 2014.



After the great debacle of last week – denied by some of the Liberals and, obviously, by all the Pollyannas – the question can be posed of what will Francis do next. Then we can speculate of what will happen after that. Allow me to say how I see it.

Broadly speaking, it seems to me that he has the following options.

1. Resign and wheelchair off to Argentina.

If Francis sees his future as Pope as bleak, he could make an extreme gesture and simply resign. He would instantly acquire the status of Best Pope Evah by those whose popularity he is courting: Western Non-Catholics of all stripes.

A kind of Loser Cincinnatus, he would go back to his cobbler, his newspaper agent and his beloved slum trannies. An aura of non-judgmental, Dalai Lama-like mock sainthood would follow him everywhere. Atheist, Jews, Witches, Homos, Adulterers, Concubines and unrepentant sinners of all sort would erect a huge monument to the Revolutionary Pope. Whilst I am sure he enjoys the immense apartment, the company of perverts, the helicopter and the power, what he loves most is himself and his own popularity. This would, therefore, be an option if not immediately, perhaps if he gets another thrashing or two. Alas, I doubt that his outlook is so bleak, or that he may see it that way. Therefore, this one looks improbable at least for now.

2. Adapt to the role as Pope, and say farewell to the Revolution

This Pope loves his popularity above all. It is very questionable whether he would choose to become the hate figure of Catholics in life and for generations to come. May he hate Catholics, I think he hates mass unpopularity more. A Pope not followed by his own is a joke of a Pope no matter how many perverts love him, and I am sure that much he understands well.

If we are lucky, he could decide that this is the end of the revolutionary experiment, and he has neither the age nor the strength to really roll the dice. Therefore, he could avoid the Nuclear Option and simply be content with being Pope Stupid, rather than Pope Heretic. A massive conflict could see him even defrocked. He is, in this scenario, too much of a Jesuit to risk that.

This is, I think, also an unlikely scenario. But it could become far more realistic if Francis gets another couple of humiliations like last week’s one. He is a Jesuit after all, which means: weak with the strong, always ready to swim with the tide, and with no shame at all.

3. Continue as now, but more guardedly and carefully.

In this scenario, Francis learns that he has sent his tanks in the open field and they have been massacred. He also understands further open defiance will yield the same results. Therefore, he decides it’s guerrilla time.

Removal of as many uncomfortable bishops as he can without risking open backlash; appointment of liberals and friends of perverts (or perverts) as bishops, but not too obvious ones; continued “off-the-cuff” heresies, but mixed with more traditional messages.

This, I think the most probable scenario. The trouble with that (for him) is that Francis does not have the time to work slowly on his project and see it triumph in, say, twenty years. There are thousands of bishops, a jungle of religious orders, many seminaries are now producing decent priests, and Traditionalism has never been so strong in 50 years. Look at Summorum Pontificum advancing as the old… Jesuits fill the hospices. This is a guerrilla that is also a race against the time. If he tries to be Gorbachev, chances are he’ll end up like him. The Church is, like the Soviet Union, a huge apparatus that (leaving the Holy Ghost aside) a heretic can’t reshape as he pleaseth. Francis’ guerrilla will make damages, but the Church will bear them all right, and rectify them in time when TMAHICH is gone.

4. The Extreme Destroyer

Francis decides that enough is enough, and sets up to make a massacre; remaining as much under cover as he can, whilst still being the Puppetmaster.

An example of this could be the already ventilated and now resuscitated proposal of factually castrating the CDF and leave the Bishops’ Conferences free to decide as much as possible, even in “doctrinal” matters.

The problem with this is, if you ask me, that it will never work. The principle that the praxis must adhere to the doctrine has just been convincingly reaffirmed. I am unable to see how Cardinal Napier or Burke would accept communion for adulterers provided it is limited to some Western Countries. There is, actually, every reason to believe this “doctrinal anarchy” would equate to the dismembering of the very Body of the Church, an outcome that only the most fanatical Kasperites will support.

It is not possible to have home-made Catholicism. The word itself decries this possibility as absurd. I may be the eternal optimist, but I think that if Francis were to try something like that, he would end up under an orthodox truck in no time, and at that point he would be a seriously lame duck.

The breaking of taboos is a two-way street. Next time, the criticism will be faster, more spread, and more explicit. Look at the immense status of people like Cardinal Burke now. If they push, It’s “Pope Over Board”!

Think of this: Francis has already been tested, and he has lost. Has he gone for the all-out confrontation? No. Are the Bishops and Cardinals stupid, that they do not know that he will seek a rematch, and revenge? No. Is he strong enough to brave them? Come on, he’s a Jesuit. He did not have the balls last week, will he grow a pair at (almost) Seventy Nine?

Call me the eternal optimist, but I don’t think he can. This here just has no guts for it, or we would have known already. In my eyes, he rather runs the risk of becoming a pathetic figure, torn between the armchair “Che” and the reality of an abysmally bad soldiery.

He was tested, and was found wanting.


You can say what you want of “Che” Guevara (and whatever you say, I will say worse), but he certainly had no fear to put all at risk, and to accept frightful odds uncaring of consequences.

A “Che”, this Pope is not. He has all the hate of Che Guevara, but none of the balls.

Whenever he finds an army of Catholics close the ranks against him, he will always choose the armchair rather than the jungle. As he did last Thursday. Of course, he will need to find this Army or he will walk all over Catholicism. Of course, a losing Wehrmacht still is the Wehrmacht! But with God’s Grace and our prayers, and if the Spirit of the Synod continues – and I can’t see why not – I can’t see how he can win.


We live in extremely worrying, volatile, heretical times. I am aware that this prediction may prove completely wrong. But I can only write on this blog to the best I can observe, and with the most realistic reasoning I can extract from these observations.

TMAHICH isn’t the Antichrist, and he has already failed abysmally even as apprentice False Prophet. Heck, not even his Bishops esteem him, and not very many seem to fear him.

I see last Thursday as a Catholic D-Day. Destination: Berlin. Yes, the army opposing us is still frightfully strong. Yes, there is no doubt savage fighting might be in store. Yes, complacency now would be fatal. But not ten months after D-Day, Hitler was dead and Nazism in his last gasps. I do not think very many thought it could be so fast.

I dare to forecast, here, how this man will be seen after he’s gone: as a stupid, evil, dirty old man who wanted to remake the Church in his own (stupid, evil, and dirty) image, got a hammer on his teeth a couple of times too much, and thought better of it.




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  1. I wish the oddsmakers in London would handicap your four next ways. I would place some hedge on your third choice. But my pension would be on the fourth. This man has shown himself with a ruthlessness and ego which seem boundless. My money is there.

  2. I saw on Rorate today that although there were not 2/3 majority and there were strong and numerous voices against, still too many bishops etc are actually in favour. Could he change the rules? Simple majority? Plus a bit of other wangling like remove Muller as head of the CDF and put someone more favourable to him? Something like that? And what will happen if he does something like that??

    • He can do whatever he wants. Whether it does any good for him, is a different matter.
      He could have ordered the bishops to shut up, and release a relation like the preliminary one.
      Did he do it? No.
      Why? Because even he isn’t as stupid as that.
      I might have some reflections coming.

  3. It doesn’t matter the poison has already been poured in the punch bowl. Notice the paragraphs that were omitted still went out the the worlds diocese for “discussion”. The people that gravitate to teaching positions in the Church be they priest, lay people who teach RCIA, Sunday school, Catholic School religion class, ect., all will embrace the heretical evil of the documents. They will run with it and teach it as if it is now a dogmatic truth. Francis knows this so he need now do nothing. The synod and its results are meaningless now. The faithful will unwittingly be served his poison Kool-aid and will drink up and like it. This is how the modernist agenda has been slipped in for the last 50 years.

    • Oh come on.
      If what the mob says were what makes the dogmatic truth of the Church she would not exist by now.
      Rather, the rejected paragraph will be a good occasion for priests to explain “this was rejected, because it isn’t, nor will it ever be, Catholic”.

  4. Option #3 might have the smart money behind it, but I wouldn’t discount #4 as being the whole purpose of this pontificate.

    Worth remembering is the bitchy vindictiveness of the men of “new church”. There should be no surprise as traditional elements now come in for an underhanded but sustained pounding in the wake of the sinod: on a level sufficient to cause uproar in our circles, but to make no dent (possibly, quite the opposite) on Francis’ popularity among the majority of “c”atholics and the world. Has anyone noticed the persecution and devastation of the FFI – a monumental act – outside so-called traditionalists and circles affiliated with the order? A near unanimity of Catholics would be unaware that the order even existed. How hard to repeat this pattern? Who in the mainstream would notice if Summorum Pontificum were to be quietly re-imagined? And would the 99% care if, say, the 1962 Missal, never abrogated, were to be gently.. “renewed”? These are the sorts of acts to get Francis a big hard pat on the back from those he admires.. Myself, I would never regard anything as beyond this man and his cadre.

    • Yes, but you see (and just to make an example), if the 1962 Missal were to be “renewed” (an absolutely monumental task), that very 1% would not follow it and flock to the SSPX chapels instead.

      He can run from Catholicism, but he can’t hide. There will always be bishops and laity exposing him.


  5. Mr. M, it seems you don’t understand at ALL. Your “handicapping” of His Holiness’ next move is both uncharitable and perhaps crypto-whatever. What we need now is healing, Mr. M, HEALING!!! The proper move here, and the one the London oddsmakers have on the top of the chart right now, is to dress up the Bishop of Rome in a big, white teddy bear suit and traipse every bishop in the world across his doorstep (in his humble abode), having the side benefit of a bit of a Miss Universe pageant (eh? no? but without a “judge” of course!), and have all of them hug the stuffing out of the Holy Father. Priceless!

  6. I like very, very, very much your blog, you are a champion. However, for the first time I think you have a Pollyanna point of view here; of course Francis come to tear everything apart. He has Martini´s agenda …
    Thanks for your great blog.

    • Thank you!
      My problem is not whether he would want to, but whether in the concrete circumstances he will have the nerve to go for the all-out conflict.

  7. What about option 5? Francis resigns himself to the fact that his revolution will not happen under his pontificate. He therefore tries to stack the College of Cardinal with as many heretical prelates as he can, and does the same with the bishops. He grooms one Cardinal for the next papacy to carry on his mission to destroy the Church. The next Pope successfuly institutes mass sacrilege and completes the revolution.

    I’ve always feared the next Pope more than Francis…

    • Well tha’s a variant of 4 I would say; the appointment of many unorthodox cardinals would cause a furore, and Francis’ corpse would not be cold that the former Cardinals would think of holding a conclave of their own.

      The heretical actions of a Pope do not bind. Not the encyclicals, not the administrative orders, not the appointments of bishops and cardinals. It has already happened (certainly in the case of Pope Formosus) that the acts of a Pope have been declared illegitimate ex tunc (from then = from the start) after his death, and have been, in case, object of sanation aferwards. So if Francis were to do such things it is very possible (even probable) that the (halfways) sound cardinals would say “we are going to elect the Pope ourselves; the new Pope will decide which bishop’s appointment stay and which not, & Co”).

      It ain’t so easy to demolish the Church. The mooth is deep, and with holy piranhas inside.

      He can try. He probably will.

      Let’s see what he can do.


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