“Vorisgate”: Why Writing Letters Is Not The Answer.

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The arguments in defence of the indefensible become more and more outlandish. I will leave all the side noise (I doubt Thomas More would have made a TV sender “where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed”, either…; but seriously, I won’t waste my time with that) on the side, and address one question:

should we limit ourselves to writing letters to the Pope? 

No, we shouldn’t.

Firstly, the problem of a Pope giving scandal in public is only in a secondary and accessory manner the problem of the salvation of the Pope’s soul. It is in the first line a problem for the millions of souls who are confused by his outlandish or heretical statements. The Pope is one soul, but the souls who are endangered are millions. As we are taught that every soul has infinite value and dignity, there is no reason whatsoever to sacrifice one individual…

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  1. There is the widespread belief out there that the Holy Ghost directly oversees the election of every pope — and so a bad pope cannot possibly be elected and every pope must be blindly followed. That needs theological refutation as much as “judge not” did.

  2. The reason the “you can’t criticizes the pope” thing is so insane is that by our silence we send two messages to the world. One, that no matter how stupid the pope is we support him–so we must think he is god(as some have accused us), and two, we scandalize those who desperately need the Truth. I was scandalized by the liberal happy clappy church of VII and gladly went to communion secure in my sins. It was not until I saw the Mass of ages (Latin Mass) that I saw the real faith and I started studying it. I then became terrified of God, his judgment and hell (where I was and may still be going). The little ones need the truth and it is for them that I mourn. If Voris really cared he would stop at nothing to tell them the truth. Criticizing a heretical pope strengthens the faith of both believers and those who are not Catholic because it shows that there is no compromise of Truth in the Church. The world watches the Church for a reason, because no matter what they say they know it is the Church of Jesus Christ even if they claim to doubt it. Truth hurts but it always prevails in the end. Even the worst sinner thirst for the truth.

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