Newsweek Reveals: Francis Was A Shameless, Stunning Liar All His Life

From the new, very tasty* Newsweek article about Francis:

But the family was not a place of total concord. His mother was angry when she found that he was not studying medicine, as she had been told, but theology.

“I didn’t lie to you,” the future Jesuit responded with the casuistry for which his order has been notorious. “I’m studying medicine – but medicine of the soul.”

What lie.

What hypocrisy after the lie!

What Jesuitism!!

TMAHICH was an entire lifetime in the making. He could not have achieved his current level of hypocrisy in any other way.

This is, by the way, the man who complains about casuistry.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.


* there is another predictable bomb about Mass attendance; already picked up by the Press.



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  1. Something else he appears to have been doing for a long time, side-stepping Kasper’s mythical ‘penitential paths’:

    What an abject and diabolically dishonest sham this Sinod was.

  2. I find it rather unbelievable that you find the analysis of Newsweek “tasty”. It’s more like moldy cottage cheese to me.

    Note the closing analysis: Francis, oh so compassionate and caring of families!, as opposed to those philosophical or theological dictator popes of the past. I feel the piece is shallow, jejune, totally secular and worldly in its analysis of the Pope.

    Why such gravitas on your part about Bergoglio telling his mother “I will be a physician of souls”? This seems like a rascally, boyish way to assuage your mother’s disappointment that you are not going to be a doctor. If you are hanging your hat on that M.,that is a spindly branch indeed!

    • By tasty I do not mean that it is good journalism. Of course it’s sentimental crap!

      I mean that it gives two tasty details about the real face of Francis: the complete disregard for Mass obligation and the entire meaning of the Sacrifice of the Mass, and the astonishing frame of mind of lying to his own mother – possibly getting from her the means to go back to university, if Argentina is the country I think it is – about his entire life.

      Newsweek is first-class manure, and this article is no exception. There can be no doubt about this.


  3. That was very useful, and I certainly learned something; that it’s even worse than I thought. I was just baptized into the church three years ago and can only thank God that many years of study beforehand gave me an appreciation of the transience of Popes, and men, in history, and the permanence of Christ. So I worry little, but the implication that Francis came to approve of sodomy while praying before the Sacrament is repulsive and, I’m sure, a lie.

  4. I notice that the liberal journalist (aka liar) omits the part where Francis stacked the deck by appointing 6 lib cardinals to write the sinod report.

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