Required Viewing: “The Remnant” Strikes Back

My dear readers,

if you ask me, and if you have any trust in your humble correspondent, the video below (hat tip to reader scarygoat61) is required viewing. 

So much so, that I will post this without further comment, and will make my considerations (for anyone who will want to do it; but you don’t have to, as the video is good enough) in another post, that will assume this video has been seen. 

There are moments when I think that we can behold victory not (hopefully) only on the day we die, but in our lifetime. This is one of these moments. The war will be hard, but if I look at the first major battle I start to think it is Axis against Allies here. Which, patriotic as your truly is, could only have only one outcome since 7 December 1941.

Enjoy the video.  

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  1. That was an awesome report, wasn’t it? Mr. Matt’s best to date. I’ve seen on some other blogs people freaking out about the latest Remnant video. Too close for comfort, I guess. Too much clear talking; too much calling a spade a spade. Imagine that…a spade is in fact a spade. I for one am supremely grateful for fellow Catholics such as Michael Matt, Chris Ferrera, and yourself, Mundabor. The times are interesting.

    • Yes, there is a spade striking left and right, and a lot of Catholics thinking a spade should be called a daisy, or their religion will crumble.


  2. Chris Ferrara and Michael Matt speak the truth fearlessly as regards men, but with the proper fear of the Lord, God, Almighty and His Commandments. Thank God, we have them to speak the truth out in the face of such evil which appears to have overpowered the reason and will of so many.

  3. Agree totally with the sentiments and opinions stated here. It is very scary to think that the Pope has the power to make these changes. Lord have mercy on us all. Save your church dear Father.

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