Pope Belshazzar

Belshazzar had an admirer...

Belshazzar had an admirer…


The Unholy Father has lost another occasion to keep his mouth shut, and this time he has regaled us (together with many other stupid assertions about the death penalty; truly, there’s no time to deal with all the ways this man hates Church Doctrine; so this is just an aside) with this pearl of wisdom, that corruption is a greater evil than sin

The phrase does not really make sense. Corruption (financial, or otherwise) must translate into sin, or it would be no corruption. Corruption is, in fact, by definition the abandonment of a state that is considered the proper one, be that in the realm of financial probity, sexual morality, or other.

What TMAHICH wants – in its confused and inconsequential way of non-thinking – to say is that adulterers, concubines and perverts should sit back and relax; because others, the corrupted politicians and rich people and, no doubt, rosary counters are all much worse than them.

It is, as always, tragically amusing that the man who has been persecuting the FFI without even a shred of a credible accusation for now fifteen months should be so incredibly hypocritical as to go and lecture us about justice. I insist on the moniker The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH,  ® Mundabor 2014) because in the case of this man this trait is as evident as the blindness of the Voris school of thought is scandalous. It is healthy to look at reality as it is. It is stupid, and dangerous for your soul, to keep ignoring the attacks of this oh so humble man on everything Catholic.  

The petty man who persecutes entire orders just because he feels like it, deposes bishops (one in Paraguay; one, apparently, rather soon in Italy) without any accusations being leveled at them, and keeps around him a circus of faggots and liars of all types (Ricca, the scandalous fag, was last time I looked still at his place both as “banker” and “hotelier”, and Kasper is no less “serene and profound” for having lost face and having been exposed as a lying scoundrel; but then again Francis does not care for his own face, just imagine others’…) is the same one who goes around telling us how oh so very unjust the world is.

An oriental Satrap lectures us about justice. Pope Belshazzar plays Just Guy. Funny world. And by the way, I found the phrase mentioned above pretty judgmental. 

But do not listen to me. Read instead this beautiful blog post, expressing in one go what so very many – among the clergy too, it is more and more evident with every day that goes by – think of this Papacy.

This man Frankie The Humble Blasphemous Bully has dug himself into a hole out of which he will – bar a true, and profound conversion – never come out; and the more he talks, the more he digs.  This is the unavoidable result of his continuous, uninterrupted, un-Christian, ridiculous pseudo-religious farting.

An exercise, this, that might perhaps impress the simple and the outright thick, and will certainly delight the enemy of Christianity of all colours and stripes; but is increasingly less able to save the face of this man as more and more people finally realise the huge gap between the professions of meekness and humbleness and the reality of a bullying, atheist, socialist enemy of everything Catholic, a man bent on spreading heresy and confusion every day that God still allows him to spend on this planet.

Can’t wait for Francis’ next lecture ,and I can well imagine he will warn us from hypocrisy.

Pope Belshazzar may think that he can go on like this for as much as he pleases, and take down orders and bishops as he pleases. But more and more are noticing that for this Papacy the writing is on the wall. 



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  1. Miss Erinyes writes beautifully today of the conundrum we face with this “intellectually corrupted” Pope. Sobering stuff.

  2. That would be on the Remnant home page.

  3. If you’ve ever dealt with homosexuals, one cannot but help to notice common traits among them: b*&^chy, revengeful with long memories, attempting to pass themselves off as “suave” but are hiding a smoldering anger underneath the surface which is actually a disgust at themselves.

    …….Just ‘sayin.

    • I do not have direct dealing with homosexuals, because once I know they are I just avoid them. But what you say matches the tales of friends of mines about the homos of their acquaintance. Besides, their online performances on blogs and fora give an accurate portrait of the type.

      As I have always written, a fag has all the bitchiness of a woman without any of the femininity.


  4. Sorry that my question has no relation to your article. I couldn’t find an email address to ask you in private: do you know if it is normal for a priest to ask his confirmation students to light 2 big red candles and place them in front of a picture of Jesus, and then cover the picture with mud? Students said the priest’s explanation was: showing how our sins stain Jesus.
    The dark room lit by the two red candles and the muddy Jesus seemed diablolical to me.

  5. Sin is only an offence against God, you see – not an imposition on the rights of man, “King of the Universe”. There is some irony in his lamentation over life sentences, when eternal imprisonment (slightly worse, and slightly more fundamental to the Christian faith) never seems to rate a mention from our sovereign Pontiff – not even in the seemingly perfect context of this very address.

    “.. a bullying, atheist, socialist enemy of everything Catholic, a man bent on spreading heresy and confusion every day that God still allows him to spend on this planet.”

    Nothing more to say, Mundabor.

  6. What advice would you give someone who is trying to be a good Catholic yet is a faggot?

    • Live chastely. Do not indulge in temptation to even think in a perverted way. Pray much. Do penance. Seek people like “Courage”. Understand that he is not “born that way”. Understand that he does not have to die homosexual. Understand that the sin of the sodomites leads straight to hell.

  7. Dear Lord, use our suffering for the salvation of souls.

  8. Thank you, Mundabor, for mentioning Courage. Their website is couragerc either net or org. They had a problem with hackers early on so added the “rc” (Roman Catholic.) They have a very good video with testimonies of real people who are living chaste lives now:

    • I publish the link hoping it is entirely orthodox.
      I add myself (in case they don’t say) that homosexuality is a perversion.
      Do not allow anyone to tell anyone else anything else.

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