Comical Quisling.

Explaining the Synod...

Explaining the Synod…



To hear today at Mass the pathetic message of Cardinal Vincent “Quisling” Nichols assuring us that at the Synod Francis has not been defeated by the Bishops reminded one strongly of Comical Ali (I am informed in the US he is known as Baghdad Bob). 

It was surreal. It was like being told by Dr Goebbels that the battle for Stalingrad had not been lost, as the newspapers want you to believe. 

Nice try, Your Disgrace. 

We will stay by the facts, though. 



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  1. Interesting. If Cardinal Nichols does not think Francis has been caught with a good right hook, why does he need to reassure us that he hasn’t? Unless he knows of plans for next year’s synod that we, as yet, only expect, even though we don’t know the exact strategy chosen by the Modernisers.
    God Bless.

    • Hello Father,
      I also found it a move due to panic, and the spreading perception that this Pope is an enemy of the Church. “we are not retreating, folks!! We are not rereating!” (cannons in the background…)
      I am rather sure he knows what Francis would love to do next year if he could; but it seems to me he is afraid himself that the outcome will not be the one he and Francis wish.

  2. indignusfamulus

    Dear Mundabor,
    We’re a couple of old-fashioned Catholic, rapidly aging, rosary-praying grandparents, who’ve seen how well propaganda works in this world-until it’s publicly opposed just enough. This Pope is actually making it easier for some who were blind to it all, to see how it’s currently being applied in the Church.
    With a few reminders like these (from a wicki article on “propaganda in the USSR”), we find it much easier to explain current canonizations, Synod reports, and the dire need for Catholic Home-schooling, and blogs like yours:

    –“Lenin liquidated the independent press, established Pravda and youth organizations, and taught those born after the Revolution that they were to build a utopia of brotherhood and justice, and to not be like their parents.”
    –” The selfless “new man” was willing to sacrifice not only his life but his self-respect and his sensitivity for equality and peace.”
    –” After Lenin’s death, his embalmed body was displayed to exploit beliefs that the bodies of saints did not decay” (the fast-track)
    –[Stalin’s].. “enemies were rounded up for the gulags, which propaganda proclaimed to be “corrective labor camps” to such an extent,
    that even people who saw the starvation and slave labor, believed the propaganda rather than their eyes.”
    We wonder what would have happened had the internet existed back then.

    • The Devil, as they say in Italy, makes the pots, but not the covers.
      God has punished us with V II, but He has given us not only the special graces, but the technical ways to react to it.
      Information has become global. This is why no one can, nowadays, claim innocence in front of Francis’ widespread heresy.

    • I believe that canonisations are infallible, by the way.
      Were the See to be declared vacant by, say, the SSPX, then the canonisations would also be invalid. But I am not the SSPX, and do not take it on myself to decide what is valid and what not.

  3. indignusfamulus

    finishing: Thanks for all your efforts, the candid opinions and especially the laughs. May we meet some day in Heaven. God Bless

  4. When Big Francis runs from the battlefield in apparent defeat those who are not Enemies of Francis-Truth know that it is merely a strategic retreat meant to catch out Saboteurs and followers of the Great Internet Thought-Criminal Mundabor so that they may be utterly liquidated! Always remember and repeat constantly to yourself, “Francis-Truth is greater than all other truth” and “Defeat Equals Victory!”.

  5. If one didn’t know Cardinal Nichols his letter would have made one gasp and stretch one’s eyes. The fact is that this “c”atholic cardinal will side with whoever he thinks is winning, (a veritable Vicar of Bray), with the unalloyed ambitions of a careerist. He wants to win brownie points from the BoR. However, he is not an isolated case. We should keep in mind the voting figures at the synod, which were close enough to be worrying even though the two-thirds majority was not reached.
    There will be a lot of planning in dark corners for the next round. We must pray that organised resistance by those who voted the BoR down is consolidated and strengthened visibly over the next 12 months. Because if it isn’t, the BoR will shamelessly pack Part 2 with yes-men.

    • He will certainly do so. But he will, if he dares bring them on the wrong path, cause a huge uproar, and perhaps a schism.
      If you look at what has been happening in the last week you see that the level of alarm is rising every day.

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