How To Destroy A HereticalPope

The technical drawings of Cardinal Pell's message have been released to the Press.

The technical drawings of Cardinal Pell’s message have been released to the Press…



Do you know Italian politics? Well, you should. Or politics of all sorts, come to that. Then people are the same everywhere. 

In every Country which calls itself “civilised”, the barrage against a person in a position of great authority, or even the chef (the Primo Ministro, or Prime Minister, or Bundeskanzler, or whoever  he may be) begins with absolutely damning statements along the lines of “he’s such a wonderful gardener”, “I love his choice of ties” or “his concern for  kindergarten teachers is just wonderful”. 

This is the way people in position of power and influence criticise their boss in a way that still does resemble, very vaguely, some plausible deniability. But seriously, everyone who has a brain understands what it is all about. Newspapers thrive about this, because when what it is left unsaid is left unsaid very loud it can only be manna for them. 

The game usually goes on – and I am sure this time is no exception – with the powerful (former) supporter stating that no, you all got it wrong; how could you misunderstand him; you naughty boys; of course, the Primo Ministro is so much more than a wonderful gardener! And there was, obviously, no intention to criticise in any way such a wonderful head of government! Who, as everyone knows, has been so successful, and has the undivided confidence of the entire nation!

In this way, the critic safely comes back in a covered position, after having launched the message for all the planet to see. The attacked, meanwhile, has no ways to mount an open attack against him. He looks revengeful if he acts, and weak if he doesn’t. The impression for everyone who has brains is clear: he is losing the support of his own people.

This is how politics works. If you do not understand these dynamics, I suggest you limit yourself to Mickey Mouse. 


Cardinal Pell today launched what, for Church standards, must be one of the most scathing attacks launched on a Pope in modern history. A member of the “”Gang of Eight”, Pell is in charge of re-ordering the finances of the Vatican, both in terms of spending and governance. He is, therefore, at the very heart of Vatican power. But he also, apparently, believes in God, which I can’t say for the… wonderful gardener. Pell not only has the chuzpah to thunder, but he also has a newly acquired position from which Francis cannot remove him without looking extremely stupid even in the eyes of the Polyannas. This will get interesting. 

Let us, then, read what the good man had to say about Francis. He was ill, so he sent a written address to the Summorum Pontificum fan waiting for him. I quote:

1. “Pope Francis is the 266th pope and history has seen 37 false or antipopes,” 

2. “The story of the popes is stranger than fiction,” […] [and today] “we have one of the more unusual popes in history, enjoying almost unprecedented popularity. He is doing a marvellous job making the financial reforms,”

The first cannonade is terrifying. Talking of a very contested Pope, the Cardinal reminds the Traditionalist faithful that… they should not be so shellshocked, because we have lived all this many times. 

” But Mundabor! He does not mean it that way!” 

But dear reader, oh yes he does!! No one in his right mind would, otherwise, have chosen to speak of the scaffold when everyone is talking about the convicted felon!

Not happy, the good Cardinal is mindful of those who would think, in their innocence, that he is not really making a comparison between Francis and his numerous heretical predecessors. Those, he decides to help with another generous helping of Traditional Tiramisu, if they are smart enough to appreciate the ingredients. He goes on praising a Pope who has made nothing else than headlines for his heterodoxy because of his… job as a financial reformer.

Oh, how this old heart laughs!

This is not even “damning with faint praise”. This is shooting with the cannon of an M1 tank, and then saying to Francis: “don’t worry, Frankie boy. It’s merely a bit of faint praise…”

I give you my reading of the events here. If I am right, you read it here first. If I am wrong, I have left my crystal ball home. 

What I think is happening is that as Francis keep positioning himself as the “good reformer”, Catholic Cardinals start positioning him as the “heretical Pope”. All, of course, in view of the 2015 synod, which will be a real “make or break” for Catholicism as we have known it up to now.  

Francis keeps spouting heretical drivel every day, and now his own cardinals start saying: “look, don’t listen to the old man, he is a disgrace that has recurred many times in Church History”. A dozen of orthodox Cardinals and Archbishops among the most prestigious can destroy this papacy, as it ha snot happened for now many centuries that Cardinals openly criticise a Pope in doctrinal matters. If Francis does not get this, then we are steering the biggest conflicts in many centuries, because I can’t imagine the Church remaining silent as an old lewd man walks and defecates all over Her.  

If Pell’s warning shot does not make Francis understand that his own very cardinals are ready to call him heretical, I do not know what will. One of his own close entourage has just fired a warning shot so near to the target, that there can be no doubt he has the target in his sights, and will keep him there. If Francis still has a brain at all, he will understand that the warning shots are now landing increasingly nearer to the hotel run by the faggot, and he should prepare himself to run for cover if he continues with his heretical folly.

Obviously, the “counter-interview” will soon come. Francis here, and Francis here. So orthodox. We all love him. Wonderful Pope. What had you understood. Can’t believe it. Perish the thought. 

But all those with ears heard it loud and clear. 

God bless Cardinal Pell.

We need tanks like him against Francis’ “Revolutionary War”. 





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  1. Something interesting, if not directly related to this post. I was curious about what appeared to be an glaring inconsistency in the Pope’s past treatment of the FFI and the SSPX. The, then Cardinal Bergoglio, ran the FFI out of his archdiocese and they went elsewhere BUT, at about the same time, showed great courtesy to the SSPX in his territory. Strange, No? Not when you think about – he wants the FFI to bend because it comprises orthodox Catholics INSIDE the Church. He wants the SSPX to succeed because he wants somewhere for us orthodox Catholics to go which is OUTSIDE the Church to clear his heretical path. QED

    • Oh, I think it’s much easier than that.
      Bergoglio is weak with the strong, and strong with the weak.
      He can crush the FFI, therefore he does it.
      The SSPX is not within his ability to harm, therefore he does nothing against them.

    • The by, the SSPX is not more outside the Church than you are.

  2. I have never disagreed with you before, but this time I must.

    Cardinal Pell has contributed mightily to the demise of the Catholic Church throughout his entire priesthood. Why else would he have risen to such a high rank in the Church? Are we so desperate that we begin to praise Modernists like Pell — simply because of his comments here?

    Pell’s views on Holy Scripture are materially heretical. Remember his “debate” with Richard Dawkins and his Adam and Eve mythology line as well as “Absolutely, atheists can go to heaven” tripe?

    No, embracing Pell is too high of a price for a bit of buckshot fired passed the Pontiff’s posterior. Pell has cooperated with the Revolution for his entire ecclesial career. Bergoglio has been made possible because of the likes of this eminent hierarch.

    • Don’t pay the price, Senrex.
      I will support whoever upheld Church teaching against this Pope. And I would have a couple of things to add to what you have said, but I don’t.
      Mueller has the same problems, but he is showing the same courage.

  3. The tank analogy is apt. The Cardinal, even in his 70s, cuts an imposing figure: a big man, and a choice footballer in his day – that’s Australian football, mind you, a rough game with little resemblance to its European cousin. I doubt he ever finds himself intimidated by the soft-handed fat-bellied white-anting disgrace lodged in Ricca’s hotel.

  4. As an Aussie I am very proud of Cardinal Pell. I pray God that he is not punished or removed for so obviously holding the line for The Church and God. We need to pray every day for him and the other Cardinals who are not going to let (more) heresy be promoted.

    • Oh, at some point he will be punished or removed. The same as Mueller. But there will be a high price to pay both in credibility and strenghtened opposition…

  5. See I think Socci’s thesis may be right, i.e., Bergoglio was elected on an invalid 5th ballot, which sent Burke through the roof and all right thinking cardinals are now very concerned. This is an obvious message from Pell to watch out for this man, we’ve dealt with this before in Church history, and he’s good at “financial reforms.” The message is painstakingly clear.

    • Socci’s thesis is rubbish. Burke would have had the duty to say that an illegitimate pope sits on the throne, and no one ever said defects in procedure invalid the election of a Pope. In Viterbo, in a famous episode, the mob took away the roof. How about that!
      Apart from that, the ballots went exactly according to procedure.
      By the by, he wasn’t there.

  6. Francis is a wild heretic and he does not care. There is a traditionalist purge underway in the
    Church which is all according to his plan that he laid out in his manifesto,( a.k.a, Evangelii Gaudium of which I read every freaking word). Francis time is short and his revolution is going to accelerate to critical mass. The counter church is nearing its end but before it dies it will undertake a scorched earth policy to make the entire Church desolate. Francis is a devil who spits on the Holy Office he occupies. He must be resisted!

  7. I had a strong feeling of reassurance when I initially found that Francis’ “G8” included Pell. Pell, in the synod aftermath, also lucidly reminded us that the early Church faced a Roman culture that was much more pagan and sexually “open” then our supposed “liberated” society. There is absolutely no reason good enough for the Church to modify her doctrines, or disciplines, in relation to “modernity” while considering the historical circumstances that surrounded the foundational and early era of the Church’s existence, over 1,700 years ago.

    • Lack of historical knowledge is a tragedy for everyone, the prelates who should defend the faith and the laymen who swallow uncritically everything the shepherds say.
      Search “Mundabor” + “never heard of Sodom?” for my take on the matter.

  8. indignusfamulus

    In case you haven’t yet heard: See RC:
    Pope’s Close Advisor & Member of Council of Nine Cardinals “Excommunicates” Faithful who go to SSPX Masses

    • The whole thing is just absurd to the point of being surreal. The Church is in meltdown with all sorts of nonsense tolerated but they want us excommunicate??? In this free-for-all I don’t see how they can expect to be taken seriously…..chilling nonetheless 😦

    • I hope to find an address, email or ‘snail mail’ for this bishop. I wonder if he actually believes anyone will listen to him. I can just picture his priests, lecturing the handful of seniors present on Sundays, and threatening them with his ‘penitential path’!

  9. I agree with you about Pell’s comments, but when will an organized opposition to Bergoglio be launched by laity, priests and prelates? Can a strategy be developed to so weaken his position and image that he literally becomes a fool ( if he isn’t already ) in the world’s eyes who is without any credibility and he just decides to go away?

    • This is exactly my hope.
      We will have to see how things develop in the next months.
      I hope they do not decide to wait until Bergoglio does something really bad, for example at the next Synod…

  10. At the risk of sounding argumentative, though I understand your position vis-a-vis the likes of Pell and Mueller, I still maintain it’s a dangerous one. If we got rid of Bergoglio tomorrow, we’d end up with the likes of Pell and Mueller — which means the Revolution of the past 50 years is status quo. The Revolution will even be reinforced because those who promoted and cooperated with it for all of thire priesthood and episcopacy are now “heroes” for opposing a Modernist who they deemed more radically progressive than them. If we write to praise them for opposing the Synod, we should remind them that Bergoglio did not occur in a historical vacuum. He was the logical progression of Montini, Wojtyla and the many heretical policies they implemented to the destruction of the Church.

    • I am truly scared at this mentality.
      In every planet I know, Pell and Mueller and infinitely better, for the Church and the salvation of souls, than every Bergoglio.
      We can’t spend our lives dreaming of perfection, or of ideal candidates. Life is now, and now we have a huge danger.
      Churchill was a half-drunkard, and with a lot of other assorted shortcomings. But he was the right man for the situation.

      I’ll have to write a post on this, because truly I am scared.


  11. Whatever George Cardinal Pell’s previous track record, his vigorous display of impatience at the Synod was heartwarming. Taking into account that he supports the Richmond Football Club (Aussie Rules), his actions might best be described as his ‘Jack Dyer moment.’

  12. What we need is Burke or Pell or any other senior figure to ordain priests for the SSPX…..Or even to be present during the ordinations…..that would put the cats arse to the fire….

  13. Pells speech was brilliant. A thinly veiled but unmistakable assault on Francis. Reminds me very much of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar . . . “For Pope Francis is an honorable man. So are they all, all honorable men.” Cardinal Pell was channeling Mark Antony. Loved it.

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