Rowan Atkinson Speaks Against “Hate Speech Laws”

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One of the most astonishing fruit of the modern political correctness mentality is the “hate speech” legislation here in the UK. This legislation, fairly ignored in the last years, has risen to (un)popularity after a series of cases in the last months, where a number of (temporary) arrests have been made for the most ridiculous things (“homophobic” tweets; tweeting “all soldiers should die”).

The problem is here that there are more and more people are ready to cry “hate” whenever you say something they don’t like (say: that they are abominable perverts; like faggots, lesbians and other perverts).

Those who know Atkinson a bit more than from Mr. Bean know he is a highly intelligent, well-spoken, perceptive individual very much sensitive to the elementary matter of freedom of expression.

I invite you to listen to the 9-minute speech of Mr Atkinson, who deals with the various aspects of the matter…

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  1. Bravo! Too bad we don’t have anyone in the US capable of speaking truth so directly and elegantly. I would like to make one point about how the word tolerance has come to mean something virtuous. It really isn’t. Tolerance of sodomites only means you are patiently putting up with them at a bare minimum, not endorsing or accepting of their evils. It is increasingly difficult to speak in clear terms when so many have corrupted the very meaning of them. To say to a homosexual, I am tolerating you, would, in any sane society, be an insult. Heh, tolerance as insult. No one will ever see the irony in the Industrialized Outrage Complex.

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