The Ugly Truth Begins To Emerge

"Forward!", says Francis...

“Forward!”, says Francis…


There is an article on that pit of iniquity called New York Times that, for once, deals with the events of the last weeks in a half balanced way

Forget the man’s rubbish about “the gays” (he writes for the NYT after all, “where sodomy and lesbianism are embraced and proposed”), and focus on the main points of Mr Douthat’s article: 

1. The Pope was the instigator of the attempt at the Church’s sacramental life

2. He has failed to see it executed.  

3. The Bishops (at large) did not follow him, because they never could. 

4. Were it to happen as the Pope desires, a situation of – proclaimed or de factoschism or vacant see would kick in as the bishops who still are Catholic refuse to share responsibility with those who aren’t. Pat Buchanan made a similar point last week. They are clearly both right. 

It does not take a genius to get all these points, but it is notable that a Mr Douthat – a mainstream journalist writing for an atrociously secular and anti-Christian publication – gets them. It means that in the next 12 months more and more people, even not interested in the ways and life of the Church, will get one thing clear: that whatever their personal errors and warped way of seeing life, they can’t just demand that the Church converts to them. She will not, because she is the Church. 

An outsider like Douthat sees, though, very clearly what many of our own Pollyannas still do not want to see: this Pope has already led the Church on the brink of the abyss, and there is no guarantee he will not decide to jump into it, carrying with him as many as he can. 

In Catholic language – which Mr Douthat does not use – it means that this Pope is the enemy of Catholicism, and a threat to the Church the like of which has not been seen since John XXII. 

Even the parts of the secular world with a functioning brain begin to understand the stakes of this tragic game. 

It is astonishing – and inexcusable – that so many parts of the Catholics still do not. 



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  1. In my experience, Mr. Douthat is the Times designated, “token” religious conservative (i.e. no so much either religious or conservative, but way too much of both for his editors’ comfort). Nonetheless, if you want to find any hints of truth at all from the 2nd rate Pravda that the “Old Gray Lady” has become, you’ll find it in his writings.

    • Yes, this is also my impression.
      As right as they would there to go in order to keep an impression of “balance” among their satanic readership.

  2. Rather amazing article coming from the New York times! I doubt you would find anything like that in a Diocesan newspaper, and definitely not in New York.

  3. If Francis still continues to push his ‘revolution’ without slowing down, then you have to start asking the question “Who in hell is he working for?”. Even a narcissist would accept at this point that the course is untenable–when even modernist Bishops think he’s going way too far.

    Probably a big calamity right now might be the best thing for the faith. It’ll show that there’s still a pulse.

    • A big calamity for the Church can never be good for the faith.

      It might be good that more an dmore see the absurdity of Francis, but obviously not at the point of wishing total chaos, confusion, and schism.


  4. Diabolical disorientation on a global scale. Lord, have mercy.

  5. “A big calamity for the Church can never be good for the faith.”
    Really? Do you think we can actually lose any more Catholics… Most who are there today are fairly committed.

    If anything, having every person seeing the news of possible Anti-pope/Schism etc will suddenly show the world that the Catholic Church _is_ a serious entity… that the Kingdom of Heaven is so crucial to the world that occasionally there must be a serious conflict… that the faith is not just some after-hours social club. It’s hard to explain but maybe this is the best thing possible.

    • If it’s hard to explain, perhaps it’s because there is no explanation.

      A post has just been published.

      You can’t wish for a nuclear war so that a better humanity may come out of it.


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