Let’s Talk About Bastards

TMAHICH has given another example of boundless hypocrisy and utter carelessness today for what he has said yesterday.

The family is being “bastardised”, he decries. Nowadays, so much is called “family”.

Well, let me think aloud here.

The family would be less bastardised if there were no Archbishops sending their priests in the slums, allowing mass sacrilege as they permit everyone to receive communion in a context in which 80% or more of couples are not married and, therefore, presumably 80% of children are bastards.

There is, in fact, no way to bastardise the family more effectively than what Francis has done as Archbishop and is doing as Pope: allowing mass sacrilege in his own diocese, devaluing marriage as he allows concubines to receive, marrying in his capacity as Pope public concubines, allowing the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires to baptise poor children “adopted” by goddamn dykes, and in general sabotaging the very idea of family with a Synod full of heresy, blasphemy and sexual perversion.

Francis is like a Hitler complaining of Antisemitism. With the important difference that Hitler at least did not have the stunning hypocrisy of decrying what he himself promoted day in and day out.

Francis is here, clearly, trying to remake a virginity by appearing a defender of the family. He is in fact, and remains, its worst enemy. He is merely being his Modernist self, and throwing some pigeon feed to the Pollyannas so that they may now storm the comment boxes of blogs and fora singing the praise of Francis The Defender Of Family.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History has opened his mouth again, and again he has given us a demonstration of his breathtakingly double-tongued persona.

Don’t believe one word of what he says. Francis may not be, technically at least, a bastard; but his Catholicism is not even recognisable as bastardised.

It is just not there.



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  1. These two incidents from a Newsweek article you provided a link to a while ago, demonstrate the damage done when a Pope is TMAHICH regarding the family:

    — “In the ghettos of Argentina, a poor woman apologized to him that her son had stopped attending Mass. He asked,” “But is he a good kid?” “Oh, yes, Father Jorge,” she replied.”. “Well,” that’s what matters.”, he said .

    —”Jerónimo José Podestá was a progressive Catholic bishop whose radical teachings in the 1960s .. [got him] drummed out of the episcopacy by Rome..Bergoglio visited the ostracised bishop on his deathbed and gave him the last rites. He then insured that the man’s WIDOW, Clelia Luro, AND her CHILDREN were provided for – even though SHE WAS A FEMINIST AS RADICAL AS WAS IMAGINABLE on the Catholic spectrum, WHO USED TO CELEBRATE MASS WITH HER HUSBAND. Despite that, , BERGOGLIO CONTINUED TO PHONE HER EVERY SUNDAY UNTIL HER DEATH LAST YEAR.”

  2. Again you got it in one M. I do find your righteous anger and realistic summings up very cathartic. Carry on your brilliant work it’s very much appreciated.

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