Pope Insults Every Catholic Theologian, Saint, Martyr, Priest And Layman.

Tut-tut, Thomas. You should be ashamed...

And it came to pass TMAHICH met, as the Vatican news agency reports, representatives of the Proddie community to which the late buddy of his, Tony Palmer, belonged before going to meet (or not, as the case may be) his Maker.

During this meeting Pope Francis made, as usual, some stunning affirmations, notable for their decidedly anti-Catholic character.

The main one: we sin when we focus on our differences.

I wish his grandmother had slapped him in the face as a child. I wish his spiritual director at the seminary had kicked his ass all day long. I wish he had become just another of the potheads leaving the priesthood in the Seventies. Alas, the second and third have not happened, and the first did not, if it really happened, had any lasting result.

The missionaries, preachers, theologians, and simple priests sinned all this time, then, by defending Catholicism against heresies. The countless martyrs who decided to suffer death or persecution in order to “focus on the differences” rather than going along with the world were, according to this nincompoop, sinning. Oh St Thomas Aquinas, you must be one of the greatest sinners of all! Oh St Thomas More and St John Fisher, what great sinners you were!

In charity, one must say that this man might be an alcoholic, but we must wait to see whether something is leaked about it. He might also, for all we know, still smoke marijuana (he already admitted he did so as a young man; another good example given to the youth. What a cool pothead our Pope is…). I am by now persuaded he is not stupid, and whilst obviously not very intelligent he seems to be rather cunning.

He must be evil, then.

He is most certainly not Catholic.

The rest of this possibly grappa-fueled or marijuana-driven speech goes along the same lines, so I will spare you the revolting details.

The devil divides us, you know; but we must be smarter and just overlook the differences. This is worse than Protestant, as you will find that even Protestants do not generally simply overlook the differences. Wrong as they are, they at least believe their wrongness is right. They do not say that they in the end just do not care. Francis, the Pope, does!

This is satanical. This is the same as saying that the specificity of Catholicism is just an obstacle to the understanding among Christians; a pastime for quibbling Theologians; an occasion of sin! It is so sad, that he can't have his sorry ass kicked all the way from the faggot-run hotel to Termini Station! It would be so good for his soul! It would be, perhaps, his only chance to redemption! Alas, as a Pope he enjoys physical inviolability. Which makes of his redemption a very arduous task.

This is an Apprentice Sorcerer who has already miserably failed his apprenticeship. Screwtape will not be happy with him at all.

This man is of the devil, and I thank God that He at least gives us the opportunity to spot it so easily, if we but stay by His teaching and the teaching of the Church. Had he been smarter in his doings, the deception would have been easier. As it is, no informed Catholic has any excuse.

There is no way you can love the Church and side with this man, knowing what he is saying.

This man is, clearly, the stuff of reprobates. Which is why they love him so much, and applaud him whilst he insults Catholics and Catholicism every day.

But you, dear read, you keep strong in the Faith of our Fathers. You know better than to follow a heretic, blaspheming, socialist, sacrilegious pothead just because he is dressed in white, and embraces wheelchairs.



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  1. He not only opposes the Deposit of Faith and the moral law by countless utterances, and in writing, but by what he fails to say and do, and by the whole manner in which he conducts himself in the office of St Peter. He counters objective truth, love and justice in his ideological approach to the One True Faith. He is a scourge. We offer up our suffering for our sins and the great contempt being shown to Our Lord God. St Peter, pray for us, St John the Baptist, pray for us, St John Vianney, pray for us, all holy saints and martyrs pray for us.

  2. Elton John called for the canonisation of the Pope ‘right now’ at the annual Aids Bash in New York this week. This could be an interesting ceremony with the Pope canonising himself – I think that we should start a petition, I’m sure that he would agree. So Elton (formidable theologian that he is) has spoken, I guess that you will be retracting this now, no? They asked Francis to judge the best dressed puff competition but – you guessed – he said it again – ‘Who am I to judge?’ I nearly wept at his humility (as he actually did himself).

  3. Sadly, “Is the Pope Catholic?” is no longer a rhetorical question.

  4. How many “new” sins are we up to now? Gossip? Check. Rosary counting? Check. Corruption? Check. Talking about theological differences? Check. Mafia activity? Check.

    So we can expect 5 more? And when we’re done with a full 10, we can fully jettison those “old” sins like lying, adultery and murder? We’re already doing pretty well on getting rid of adultery, bigamy, fornication and sodomy. Can’t talk about those things, too unwelcoming and uninviting. Too hostile.

    Rosary counting or talking about theological differences, NOW THAT’S stuff we can and should insult regularly!

    Oooops. Forgot crypto-Lefebvrism. Only 4 left. Maybe reading this blog will be the next one?

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