Francis, The Perverts’ Hero

Elton John, the pathetic freak show, has just stated that Francis is “his hero”; seasoning his stupid utterances with the usual bollocks about his own perverted concept of “love”. It is clear here that the pathetic freak show is referring to Francis' failed attempt to pervert Catholicism toward sexual perversion.

This will make headlines worldwide.

I wonder how many Pollyannas will start to open their big blue eyes after this. A man who is everything the Church considers scandalous and abominable praises a Pope for trying to bring the Church on his side. If this does not open Pollyanna's big eyes, what ever will?

Open your big blue eyes, Pollyanna. This is a papacy fit for atheists and perverts. By continuing in your increasingly more stubborn blindness, you are endangering your soul.


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  1. Seeing that old sodomite and his concubine holding those precious children who were borne by a woman who handed them over for cold, hard cash seems to me one of the greatest horrors brought upon children in our oh-so-advanced and tolerant society and is applauded by the crazed masses. Similar couples are to be recognised by Francis and his minions as those to be embraced and allowed to communion. Wonder how many yearn to be active in their parishes while retaining membership in the Man Boy Love association?

  2. Dear Mr Mundabor

    There comes a time when prayer for certain unavoidable scandalous ‘stahhzz’ should, like the ‘illustrious Judas’, simply be, as all who reject God’s unbelievably gentle, open, obvious courtships… simply be prayed to ‘go to his place.’ God is good. When Hope seems faint, God promises vengeance. God is God.

  3. What a contrast from every pontificate in memory. Pope John Paul and Benedict were known to measure success by how loud the liberals screamed.

  4. Elton should stick to dazzling people with his I am 70 and still touring act, and just leave things at that. It is sad enough that the world adores him and celebrates his destructive marriage and adoptions, but he really shouldn’t speak on things Catholic.

  5. What are you talking about? Most Catholics believe Elton John is a saintly example of charity and love.

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