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Pope Clemens XI Pope Clemens XI

Find below the “Prayer for all things necessary to salvation”, a prayer attributed to Pope Clement XI and released in the Year 1721.

There is longer version, with the part starting with “All that I have asked for myself”. I have not posted it here, because I do not think the added part is original. Please show me the right link if I am wrong.

Note how Pope Clemens takes care to guide the faithful, through a long-winded prayer, along a rather complete path to salvation. All with set words, to be recited without variation time after time.

“Spontaneous” prayer was, evidently, not a favourite of this Pope, as he would otherwise not have bothered with such a long exercise. On the contrary, it is clear the late Pontiff wanted to give a prayerful “path” to the faithful on which they could meditate regularly, and that they…

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  1. What a profoundly beautiful and humble prayer. I am a recent convert, and what finally convinced me of the Truth of the Catholic Church are the writings of so many great Catholic thinkers and Popes. I often show these books and writings to members of my family, and it always comes back to this: well, it isn’t in the Bible, so I don’t need to read it. One marvels that there are any Christian stores! They can’t see the irony.

    • Protestantism is not only error, but great poverty of the soul.
      Catholicism after Protestantism is like leaving the village church and entering St Mary Major in Rome.

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