Francis Censors The Relatio Synodi.


The truth is here

Do not insult your intelligence thinking the man “does not know”. 

Of course he knows.

There, here is an alarm clock for you. Brand new. Courtesy of Mundabor.  

Francis has already started to sabotage the document of the synod he himself has called, because the prelates who voted them were, unfortunately, Catholic and gave him one on the nose. 

If you have a blog, please consider posting about this scandal and asking that the Relatio Synodi be translated in exactly the same languages as the other documents, and given due prominence as the official document and result of the Synod. 

This man is beyond parody. 


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  1. Haven’t checked through yet but I noticed this — Official English translation of Synod’s Final Report appears suddenly on Vatican website –.

    Interesting that the translations for the interim relatio were available immediately, whereas the final report has evidently taken some time to translate. Must be the translators were tired and took some holiday after working so hard to translate the interim documents.

    I know some people think the earlier translations were available so quickly because the documents were pre-written, whereas translations of the final report take longer because nobody knew what it was going to say ahead of time. But if you ask me, Mr A Pollyanna, this just, like, proves that the pope is also a prophet who can see the future, but only sometimes, and only the interim future at that. 😉

  2. The manipulation goes on. I also read of some Synod ‘Fathers’ (fathers – sheeesh!) giving each other thumbs up signs and smiles as the heretical sections of the interim Relatio were read out. We should also remember that those heretical sections of the interim report were supported by a majority of those voting even though they failed to reach the two thirds majority required for inclusion in the final report. This is ‘skin of the teeth’ stuff folks and it’s not over yet. The only comfort at the moment that I find is that the heretics tend not to say the Rosary and we old fashioned, rigid, Pelagian, prayer-counters do.

    • The “not two third” majority were on paragraphs that were, in my eyes, V II already, with nothing of “Francismania” in them. I have made the example of par. 55: very strong in the first part, and CCC in the second. A true change from the relatio post disceptationem. My reading was – and is – that the failing to reach the majority is another slap in the face of the Pope, to whom some wanted to show what happens to those who lose their head.

      I am observing with interest the discussion about the Kirchensteuer, now about to become global rather than German. This is a wonderful service we can give, and a beautiful unintended consequence of Kasper’s and Francis’ folly.


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