The Poet, The Cardinal, And The Rudderless Ship

Can't imagine he would put Francis in Paradise, or even Purgatory...

Can’t imagine he would put Francis in Paradise, or even Purgatory…



Ahi serva Italia, di dolore ostello,
nave sanza nocchiere in gran tempesta,
non donna di province, ma bordello!

Pedestrian translation: 

Ah, slave Italy, hostel of sorrows,

ship without a helmsman in a great tempest, 

not the lady of provinces, but a brothel! 

This is the way Dante describes Italy in the sixth Canto of his Purgatory. The Country, once so great a Lady of Provinces, is now a rudderless ship in the great tempest of the world events, and is now reduced to a brothel after her past greatness. Machiavelli famously quotes these passionate verses in the last chapter of Il Principe

These verses are extremely well-known in Italy, and the first line is an almost proverbial way of referring to the troubles of the Country. These verses are, no doubt about it, well present to the mind of Cardinal Burke, too, as well as in that of all notable members of the Curia. 

I can, therefore, not avoid thinking that when the good Cardinal chooses, of all possible ways, the image of the “ship without a rudder”  he is not saying that the rudder has been unexpectedly stolen by illegal immigrants; but that, rather, the helmsman just isn’t doing his job. 

This latest interview – which you can read following the link – is another pearl. I refer to what I have already written about Burke’s style, and note that in this interview he keeps following the same path: 

1. He makes clear that he is not making an attack ad personam. He merely states a circumstance of fact. 

2. He complains once again that the Pope is not intervening to defend truth. 

3. He tells the lie on the supposed approval for Pope Francis, when he says that he feels compelled to “tell a truth that many currently perceive”. 

4. He hammers once again on the infamous “who am I to judge?”, and slams it with the following sentence, that I report here verbatim: 

“The acts must be judged; I do not think that the pope thinks differently. They are sinful and unnatural. The pope never said we can find positive elements in them. It is impossible to find positive elements in an evil act.”

This interview shows, in my eyes, that the Catholic front has no intention whatever to allow the Pope to scheme a prepare another attempt at Great Fraud without any resistance. It seems to me that several voices are speaking in unison.

Mueller, Pell, and Burke have been firing every few days since the end of the synod. They insist in proposing the same criticism that had emerged during the synod. It seems very obvious to me that they are not isolated at all, and it is far more probable that the heretical side is. It seems also obvious to me that the refusal of the Cardinals to allow Francis to take a stance will soon, and certainly, next October, put him in an untenable, entirely discredited position. 

He is not getting any discount. In a football (soccer) metaphor, he is the object of man marking, and a very strict marking at that. He will not be allowed to play freely. His marksmen will be on every ball. Francis may be a slippery offender, but I have the impression these defenders can be rather the bulldogs if they want to. 

And yes, I am persuaded that even if TMAHICH does not get the reference, all Italian prelates will get it very fast: Francis is refusing to steer the Church to safe waters, and has made of Her a brothel. 


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  1. End of the Homoverse

    “…homosexuals will regret having thrown in with the CML. (Cult of Modern Liberalism) Liberals hate homosexuals more than they hate blacks. As soon as “gay rights” stops being a useful weapon against normal people, the homos go back into the liberal dungeon. There’s also a limit to the amount of cultural insanity a society can tolerate. Unless you can monopolize violence like the North Koreans, the people will eventually get fed up and replace their rulers. It is the lesson of history. The lunatics in charge of western countries are pushing the natural limits with this stuff and the inevitable consequences will follow. In the end, nature always wins.”

    Let the pushback begin. Let it start with the Church.

    • Not sure I agree.
      Liberals approve of sodomy because it goes against Christian values. As soon as there are Christians around (= forever) they will keep pushing for them.
      But certainly, the coveted “most favourite pet”-status could go to other: the incestuous, the pedophiles (a long favourite of them), and the zoophiles.

    • There may be something in this. Consider that for the moment, they are on their ‘good’ behavior and appear to be a bit subdued. However, once their presence is thouroughly acceptable (to most), the real—as in Sodom and Gomorra— behavior may take over, and scare the living daylights out of the liberal parents of 1.3 children… It could happen. (I just hate to think that the current behavior is the good behavior…. ;-o )

  2. Francis who, like all liberals is forever prattling on about a false collegiality, designed to benefit power mad liberal crackpots like himself was suddenly confronted with the real thing when he called for a meeting of the college, and lo, the history of the Church being full of genuine surprises, got the surprise of his life when a large part of the college tired of his smarmy heresy and his bullying and turned on him and were probably only prevented from collegially hanging him from a balcony of the Hotel Gay Argentina by the presence of the Swiss Guard. Now the battle is joined for sure. Now we see what the great Cardinal Burke is all about, what he was born to do. All his life has been but a preparation for this struggle and he is well armed for it. May he not falter. Pray for him and those who fight at his side.

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