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Francis Takes “All Saints” (Almost) Literally.

"Saint" Bozo, protector of stupid Popes.

“Saint” Bozo, protector of stupid Popes.


Francis has today reached a new stage of his relentless push toward canonisation of everything that breathes.

A source that I deem credible, though obscene – therefore, no link – says he has hailed as “unknown saints”  “those who flee war, hunger, and poverty, the jobless, and the homeless”.

I struggle to follow the reasoning, but again everyone who is sober does. Shit happens, and war happens like many other bad events. How to flee war, of hunger, could be an act of heroic virtue is beyond me. I would rather call it an act of survival; which, being rather spread among all humans and animals, never struck me as particularly worthy of high praise. Now, it is certainly not pleasant to flee war or famine, but how one would be a saint because he does is something Christianity in these 2000 years clearly failed to grasp. 

The same can be certainly said about the jobless (an army in many country of the world) ans the homeless (many of whom, as we know when we think for half a second, not entirely deprived of responsibility for it themselves, at least in the rich Countries of the first and second world).

Take joblessness. Clearly, it is either more or less wanted, or it isn’t. If it is wanted because one can’t be bothered, I can’t see anything that would justify paradise. If it isn’t, it is one of the very many challenges of this vale of tears; non of which, last time I looked, gave anyone the right to consider himself a living saint.

One thing is clear to me: this drunken nincompoop either has no idea what he is talking about, or he is deliberating insulting Catholicism with daily frequency, probably still livid because the Bishop have not allowed him to have his dirty way at the Synod.

Yep, I know. It clearly is the second. 

As it is , the only ones excluded from Francis from immediate sainthood after death appear to be those who go after their job, pay their taxes, care for their families, are mindful of their familiar and professional duties, and maintain the Church.

Still, there can be no doubt this extreme third-worldist and socialist rhetoric will please the commies of this world. 

The slum goes to paradise, courtesy of Pope Francis.

Oh no, wait. 

It’s rather hell, actually.

Wake up. Smell the coffee. Choose Catholicism. 



Listen To A True Shepherd!

Cristo Rey




Restore DC Catholicism has a beautiful interview with Father Guarnizo concerning the Synod. The .pdf version is available here. Hat tip to reader Susan Abel. 

Many are the points touched by this truly excellent priest; to mention only some, the proper dimension of the synod, its betrayal by some of the bishops, and his tranquility concerning the fact that the Pope will not try to introduce heretical dogmas. 

On the other hand, it seems clear he has not much confidence in the orthodox virtues of the Pope, and his righteous contempt for “Kasper & Co.” is barely concealed. 

I liked the part about perverts, where he states that the real help is giving by talking and helping them to overcome their perversion – often, he says, due to abuse or a traumatic background; he not justifying of exculpating, mind; merely explaining -. This is, I find, the real pastoral attitude; because this here is a true pastor. 


Father Guarnizo is rapidly becoming, from his cold exile, a Superstar in the orthodox Catholic firmament. I do not remember hearing from him before his persecution by the hand of that most egregious betrayer of Catholic and Fifth Column of Satan, Cardinal Wuerl. I do not know whether he had a degree of regional or national notoriety before, or whether his brave stance gave it to him. I cannot avoid thinking that whilst he was always very strong in his convictions and clear in his exposition of it, the persecution actually helped him to deepen both his resolve and his effectiveness.

What I seem to notice, is that we have here a true saint in the making; a saintly man further steeled by persecution, and shining through it. The stuff of which, in more Christian times, bishops and Popes would be made.


God bless Father Guarnizo. With shepherds like him, we will never get scattered.


Father Guarnizo Special

 Father Guarnizo

Father is persecuted

Father speaks

Father is right

Father is right…again

Father is stellar


All The Rest Will Come By Itself

No, it's not in Rome...

No, it’s not in Rome…


I stumbled upon this video about St John Cantius in Chicago. There are so many useful lessons in the short time frame of this video.

 First came the NO in Latin. That was in itself enough to start filling up this very big church again, merely by word of mouth. Then came the Tridentine. Then came the vocations. It truly all starts with the liturgy, and when the liturgy starts to decay, then truly everything starts to decay.

They reminded me of the Oratorians in London, but the latter never celebrate ad populum (they only have altars ad orientem), whilst here it seems the NO is celebrated ad  populum.

The liturgy truly is the key, and wherever I turn I find confirmation of this. Lex Orandi, lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi.

As you are there, you may do worse than to click around this absolutely exemplary internet presence. It is a treasure trove of such unashamedly orthodox Catholicism, that one must almost weep thinking of all the parish internet sites looking like Presbyterian “inclusive community” web outlets.

And as I was there, I also gave a look at the Tridentine presence in the region, with the help of the usual Wikkimissa. Boy, it looks like an oasis of sanity in the middle of Obamaland. 

My humble congratulations to the brave priests of this very beautiful church; and my congratulations to all those among my thirteen readers (and three cats) who may live in that area. 

In the end, the reversal started in earnest with a reverent Novus Ordo, in Latin. 

Imagine the possibilities. 

When the Nincompoop In Charge dies or – which appears improbable – repents, the Church in the West can be fully revitalised in a matter of a decade or two.

The Mass is the Catholic Endwaffe, the ultimate weaponThe Church must simply wake up and re-learn to use the weapon at its disposal properly. All the rest wil come from itself. 



A New Bernardin In Chicago

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