Listen To A True Shepherd!

Cristo Rey




Restore DC Catholicism has a beautiful interview with Father Guarnizo concerning the Synod. The .pdf version is available here. Hat tip to reader Susan Abel. 

Many are the points touched by this truly excellent priest; to mention only some, the proper dimension of the synod, its betrayal by some of the bishops, and his tranquility concerning the fact that the Pope will not try to introduce heretical dogmas. 

On the other hand, it seems clear he has not much confidence in the orthodox virtues of the Pope, and his righteous contempt for “Kasper & Co.” is barely concealed. 

I liked the part about perverts, where he states that the real help is giving by talking and helping them to overcome their perversion – often, he says, due to abuse or a traumatic background; he not justifying of exculpating, mind; merely explaining -. This is, I find, the real pastoral attitude; because this here is a true pastor. 


Father Guarnizo is rapidly becoming, from his cold exile, a Superstar in the orthodox Catholic firmament. I do not remember hearing from him before his persecution by the hand of that most egregious betrayer of Catholic and Fifth Column of Satan, Cardinal Wuerl. I do not know whether he had a degree of regional or national notoriety before, or whether his brave stance gave it to him. I cannot avoid thinking that whilst he was always very strong in his convictions and clear in his exposition of it, the persecution actually helped him to deepen both his resolve and his effectiveness.

What I seem to notice, is that we have here a true saint in the making; a saintly man further steeled by persecution, and shining through it. The stuff of which, in more Christian times, bishops and Popes would be made.


God bless Father Guarnizo. With shepherds like him, we will never get scattered.


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  1. Agree. God bless this holy priest. We need more like him. He reminds me of Fr. Michael Rodriguez…yet another holy traditional priest who was persecuted for fighting against sodomy in El Paso, Texas. God bless you Mundy:+)

  2. Any bishop or priest who is doing his duty according to his ordination is being actively persecuted by those outside and especially by those with power inside the Church.

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