Brittany Maynard Has Chosen Hell

Catholicism is really in a bad shape if people not only choose to commit suicide, but announce it to the world and campaign for the “right” of others to commit suicide, without Catholic bloggers crying their scandal to the sky.

Let the “Patheos” troop give you the sugary stuff of the devil, and answer for it when they die. This Catholic blogger will cry his scandal to the sky instead.

Brittany Maynard has decided openly, publicly, in front of a true worldwide audience, that it is not God Who decides when she dies, but she herself. Wake up, and realise that there is no worse offence against the One Who gave her the very life she has decided to throw in the rubbish bin, than this.

Brittany Maynard did not live on the moon. She certainly knew what Christianity says about suicides. Nor could she ignore her battle against her very nature, planning an event that must be right there with sodomy and dog-mounting in the list of the unnatural things to do. No, Brittany Maynard decided that she is God, and that is that. If you don't know what God has said He will do to those who think this way, today is the day you learn it.

But no, really: you do. Everyone does. So quit making excuses for her. There are no excuses; not for the suicide and not for the worldwide promotion of it, and that's that.

Please do not give me the usual sugary crap of the devil – the crap of the devil can be very sugary; the stupid eat it avidly – now dripping from stupid “c”atholics blogs. If one renounces to talk about hell in circumstances like that, he isn't even a Catholic, just a puppet of the world wearing a strange t-shirt.

I do not care a straw what kind of medicaments are available in the US. Brittany Maynard did not choose to move to a place where the care she deemed most suitable could be had; she chose to move to a State which would allow her to commit suicide, and she even made a huge noise about it. In the rank of the minions of Satan, this woman has earned the first line, and an immediate promotion to officer. This, my friends, is one Screwtape in the making; and if you are fooled by the smiling pictures, then truly you are a fool.

There is no excuse. There simply isn't any. Christians of past generations have never been allowed to commit suicide because science had not yet invented the right medicaments. I am breathless at the rubbish I read around. Heavens, do people remember how to think, at all?!

Brittany Maynard has chosen hell. Publicly, for all the world to see. Her defiance of God has gone worldwide, polluting even Countries like Italy, who truly should know better. Brittany Maynard has chosen, in a supreme explosion of ego-fuelled blasphemous arrogance, eternal torment. Her rebellion was planned in cold blood, executed through several months, and cried out loud for all the world to see. Satanic in the extreme.

Now, I am not God. I can, therefore, not know whether, when one absolutely wants to go to Hell, God always, always allows him to; or whether on very rare occasions He allows the person so bent to repent in the very last moment and escape that terrible fate. God is not bound by our decision, and one of the attributes of His Omnipotence is exactly to be able to shape ours before we die.

Having said that, God tells us what happens when we disobey Him in such a grievous way, and it is the height of arrogance to even try to fabricate excuses why someone who does everything required to go to hell, by the book, and so that she could actually write an entire new manual about it, should have avoided it.

Say an eternal rest for the disgraceful woman, now very probably in a place of eternal suffering because hey, she knew better than God. If she is in hell – as it is extremely probable – your prayer will not go to waste anyway.

But do not be accessory in her sin by saying even one kind word about this worldwide exercise in murder and blasphemy – and sabotage of natural law and elementary Christian values – with your relatives, or friends, or colleagues. This is matter or extreme gravity. We do not want to be associated with it more than we would with child raping.

And do not bet your pint that she has escaped hell. Every person of Catholic sense should be terrified at what has gone on, not only for the suicide itself, but for the worldwide scandal that makes something so extreme like suicide even more terribly extreme.

Do not bet your pint.

Heck, I wouldn't even bet an Aspirine.



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  1. This whole thing makes me very sad. May God have mercy on this foolish woman and everyone who encouraged this terrible act.

  2. Thank You!! I was beginning to wonder why I have not heard any words of condemnation. I pity the woman for the way she exercised her free will. I pity the world for what we have allowed to become normal and given voice to. I am not perfect, I do not sit in judgment; however as you so aptly pointed out. As Catholics we understand action and consequence; we need to realize our silence is acceptance and a sin of omission.

    Thank you again for your voice, I will do my part as I can.

  3. The Patheos attitude of “compassion” to things like this inevitably leads to more people thinking it’s OK to do it.

    • Exactly.
      And you are very, very bad if you do not follow their “compassionate” attitude, with the next suicidal one now persuaded it’s OK for him to call it a life…

  4. A seminarian named Philip Johnson , who also has inoperable brain cancer was featured on CNN imploring B. Maynard not to commit suicide. Newsbusters was incredulous that CNN “touted” the plea of this brave young man. A refreshing development indeed. How could Brittany’s family, the people who loved her, support such a nihilistic decision? What is colder-the coolly clinical manner in which she snuffed herself out, or the hearts of her loved ones who aided her?

    • I think they were a bunch of atheists, whatever their professed religion (if any).
      For atheists, feeling good, not being it, is paramount. Cue the great race to “support” the woman’s self-extermination…

  5. If someone in command of their faculties (that is, not insane) kills himself or herself, he or she is damned. Thanks for stating the teachings baldly, without the heterodoxies of NuChurch ‘mercy.’

    • Thanks.
      It’s astonishing that simple things are forgotten nowadays.
      Obviously, one could repent in the very last moment (the one who hangs himself in the last pangs of his noose; the person throwing himself to the river as he is drowning). But he has time only as long as he lives. When he’s gone, he’s gone.

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