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Athanasius Contra Franciscum, Or: The Prospects Of Nuclear War

And as yours truly had already noticed, the cannonade against heresy is going on unabated. The Pollyannas can happily keep dreaming. All the others know the object of this brutal verbal attack is… the one by whom the buck stops, the one who made the mess possible, and the one who was most certainly behind the Synod.

This time, it is Bishop Athanasius Schneider who takes it on himself to fire from all the cannons at his disposal. We are accustomed to clear words from him; but this time, his words are of unheard-of brutality. Clearly, this one is not a Jesuit.

Bishop Schneider attacks the mentality of the entire midterm Relatio in terms I have never heard before in a prelate criticising a church document, even if a provisional one. To call a Vatican document representative of a

radical Neo-pagan ideology

is very probably the worst conceivable offence any prelate can make to any church document, or churchman who is directly or indirectly behind it (yes: it means Jorge Bergoglio). This is not even heresy, says the Bishop. This is not even recognisable as Christianity anymore! How can TMAHICH read these words and not understand what awaits him if he tries to put a very stupid foot on the gas pedal of heresy?

The rest of the interview is also worth reading. The mention that this document will go down as a huge shame in the history of the Church is also very notable. The main point that I want to make, here, is that this brave man of God has said – for everyone who has ears to hear – that the Unholy Father is trying to drive the Church on Her way to paganism. But he truly is on fire.

Do you want more? Read the interview on the link, because every line is a joy (and I can’t manage to make “copy and paste” work). You will also know what the bishop thinks of many of his colleagues. Refreshing…

Pay attention that you come to the “Pharisees” part. It’s truly good.

I can’t go on quoting. Read for yourself. It’s more, I would say, than a carpet bombing. It’s a nuclear device. It’s an open declaration of war to the pagans and atheists within the Church. It’s as tough as it gets.

This, my dear readers, is the right attitude. Crying heresy – Bishop Athanasius cries even worse than this – without half words, and stating very clearly what will happen if the Pope continues on his road to hell is the only way to maximise the chances of stopping the madman. At the same time, it is the best and most effective way to fight against Francis if the man were to put himself at the head of a heretical movement. He must be made to understand that an open confrontation would plunge the Church in a chaos that would have him as the first victim on day one: because even in his most drunken state this man most know his legacy will be doomed, and possibly his papacy with it, if he is mad enough to go on with his plan. He couldn’t remake the church if he were 40. But he is almost 80. He has no time to even try. And he knows the trying would mean an extremely high price to pay.

Which prompts the question of how exactly this man, who did not have the balls to risk a probable nuclear explosion some weeks ago, should choose, next year, to steer an inevitable one. Whatever could not be “achieved” in October 2014 will be, it is now clear, far more difficult in October 2015. How Francis could have in October 2015 the courage then that he did not have in October 2014 is, frankly, beyond me.

Still, we can ‘t lower our guard. If a huge mess and a split between Catholics and Neo-Pagans is to be avoided, then the only way to do so is to do what more and more prestigious prelates are doing; and thus either isolate and neutralise as far as possible the Neo-Pagans, or expose them as such and let every soi-disant Catholic decide where to put the stakes of his own salvation: the truth of all times, or a dope pope of 32 months.

This reminds me of the Cuban Crisis. Khrushchev-Francis may well threaten the one-side Nuclear conflict, but on the other side there are many Kennedys ready to react with all-out nuclear war.

Pay attention, Oh So Humble Kriuschev”. You will not get away with just threatening. If you really want it, it will be nuclear war. But it will kill your papacy first.




Converts To The Church Of Francis

Hhhmmm... Probably not SSPX Seminarians

On the usual wrong site, there was the usual pathetic attempt to explain why it is good that Elton Fag is so appreciative of the Unholy Father.

The thinking seems to be that when there is trust this is the first step on a path that might lead one to the Church. Not one word of this makes any sense.

Elton John has shown a massive support for Francis as opposed to the Church. He supports him not because he says what the Church says, but because he doesn’t. He pits Francis against the Church, and chooses the former.

If Elton John had said something along the lines of “Francis is leading me to reexamine my convictions in light of the teaching of the Church” we could see that Francis is, perhaps, slowly working. If Elton John had at least said “I still struggle to cope with Her teaching, but Pope Francis is leading me to examine the Church with a new appreciation of her sincere role for the salvation of souls” we could say that at least trust is advancing. But the man’s approbation extends solely to Francis, not to the Church.

This is an unrepentant sodomite living in sin with his faggot concubine, and even “adopting” poor unfortunate creatures! There is no word of repudiation of his ideology! How does this show “trust” in the Church?

Francis is working. No doubt about that. He is working at keeping people out of the Church, or in opposition to Her. If you are looking for excuses to reject the Church’s teaching, Francis clearly is the man for you. A man openly saying, himself, that he is not interested in converting anyone. Heresy and rebellion, dished right from the top. Elton Fag sees it, and pushes Francis as much as he can. What he wants, is that you convert to the Church of Francis, the arch-enemy of Catholicism…

This is not trust in Catholicism. This is warfare against it. Warfare helped by the fifth column inside the Church: Francis and his heretic fellows.





Brains In Search Of Employment


Have you forgotten that only God,s judgement counts. He is a forgiving God period in my opinion. You are speaking out of your own ego.

This grammatically rather challenged comment appeared on my comment box, signed “ahuelon” (own face in the photo: see below, “ego” part), in response to my Brittany Maynard post.

I found it so exemplarily stupid that I thought I would devote a blog post to it. Let’s see this marvel in detail.

God’s judgment

I assume this is a question. No, I haven’t, if we mean by it “ultimately”. If the slow-witted woman had read the post, she would have realised it. But this implies reading, and thinking. But if no judgment count at all, then she should obviously not be commenting in the first place. Oh world, why are you so cruel to liberals! 

Forgiving God. 

This is another one who wants to be blinded by the mantras of the New Religions. Never read the Bible, for sure. If she did, she forgot, or dismissed it as useless. 

Home made Christianity. I actually doubt the woman defines herself Christian at all. But it doesn’t matter, because she isn’t. 


Another clear example of non-thinking. These people think they can pick one aspect, and leave out all the rest. “2000 years of Christianity have lied to us. Let’s take one word (“forgiving”) and make of it our religion”. 

I sense reprobation here. 

In my opinion

Woman, we are talking of Truth here. Not your opinion. Your opinion is neither here nor there. No, seriously! 

It is astonishing that we live in times in which people make their own religion in the kitchen as if they were making tiramisu, and then think all the world should be informed of it!

Stay away from the marijuana. This is what it will do to you in your old days.

It’s your ego! 

My ego is so strong, that I write an anonymous blog. No name, no photos. Nothing. 

She puts her photo on her comment. Has a home-made religion. Thinks the world must know of it. Her ego must not be strong, then…

But the reason this made me laugh is that the woman, who is “non-judgmental”, *had to* end her sentence passing judgment. And mind that she does not even add ” in my opinion”! No, of that she is sure! Ah, the non-judgmental crowd, how tolerant they are, and how welcoming of other people’s opinions!


I generally delete rubbish like this without further notice. But this here, with so much stupidity in only one line, was too good to let it go. 

Brains in search of employment. 







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