Converts To The Church Of Francis

Hhhmmm... Probably not SSPX Seminarians

On the usual wrong site, there was the usual pathetic attempt to explain why it is good that Elton Fag is so appreciative of the Unholy Father.

The thinking seems to be that when there is trust this is the first step on a path that might lead one to the Church. Not one word of this makes any sense.

Elton John has shown a massive support for Francis as opposed to the Church. He supports him not because he says what the Church says, but because he doesn’t. He pits Francis against the Church, and chooses the former.

If Elton John had said something along the lines of “Francis is leading me to reexamine my convictions in light of the teaching of the Church” we could see that Francis is, perhaps, slowly working. If Elton John had at least said “I still struggle to cope with Her teaching, but Pope Francis is leading me to examine the Church with a new appreciation of her sincere role for the salvation of souls” we could say that at least trust is advancing. But the man’s approbation extends solely to Francis, not to the Church.

This is an unrepentant sodomite living in sin with his faggot concubine, and even “adopting” poor unfortunate creatures! There is no word of repudiation of his ideology! How does this show “trust” in the Church?

Francis is working. No doubt about that. He is working at keeping people out of the Church, or in opposition to Her. If you are looking for excuses to reject the Church’s teaching, Francis clearly is the man for you. A man openly saying, himself, that he is not interested in converting anyone. Heresy and rebellion, dished right from the top. Elton Fag sees it, and pushes Francis as much as he can. What he wants, is that you convert to the Church of Francis, the arch-enemy of Catholicism…

This is not trust in Catholicism. This is warfare against it. Warfare helped by the fifth column inside the Church: Francis and his heretic fellows.





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  1. So many of my freinds tell me how they like Pope Francis. But it’s never for good reasons its for the same reason Elton John likes him. This Pope isn’t confirming people in the faith he is confirming people in their error

  2. For good reason secularists and the secular media recognize Francis as one of their own and now rush to his defense when the hated Catholics dare to criticize him. Even pathetic sodomite songsters sing his praises. Effigies of the man from the Hotel Gay Argentina will, no doubt, be carried by diseased zealots and mad eyed criminal molesters in the sodomite parades. It matters little if he, himself, is a sodomite. He is one of their creatures and they know it. The devil may have made a mistake in pushing someone so unsubtle, so obviously one of his minions, forward so that even the nambiest of the namby pambies are beginning to view him with alarm. Things just aren’t working out devilwise and this Elton John endorsement business is just making things worse.

    • I think the Devil must do the best with the material God allows him to have.
      God allowed Satan to get a little Bergoglio, who is most certainly not the False Prophet as he is too obvious, too petty, and even too stupid to get the role.
      Satan will, no doubt, try to accomplish as much as he can out of this old, lewd man. He will do great damage. But he knows he will ultimately fail.

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