Reblog: France: (Very Probably) Hell For Two.


France: (Very Probably) Hell For Two.

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  1. We do live in a wicked and perverse age, Mr. Mundabor. I am comforted by the sight of so many young French men and women marrying, having children, publicly standing with their families, rosaries in hand on their silent Night Vigils, praying for deliverance from the evil insanities of the ‘Sixty-Eighters’. Having said that, we are staggering under the same wicked perversities in the USA, and our elections on Tusday, notwithstanding, may not mean all that much, since the politics reflect the proclivities of the people, in general. A wise and soberminded woman – Ann Barnhardt, a convert to Catholicism…more Catholic than the pope, I might add, has penned a brilliant essay on what hope actually looks like: She is one of the writers who converted me. We need more like you and Miss Barnhardt. Keep slamming them home, sir!

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