The Other Lame Duck.

One of the most scandalous among the minions of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, Arch Heretic Bruno “Faggot” Forte, has been very loudly defeated in the election for the Vice President for Central Italy of the Italian Bishop's Conference.

If you think that Forte was not the candidate of Francis, and the one discreetly pushed behind the scenes from the papal entourage, you should get out more. But you read this blog, so am I sure you are smart enough to understand the implications.

At the ballot, Forte was defeated 60 to 140. Which means that 140 bishops, a round and very impressive 70%, have basically thought that the candidate of the Pope is, as they say in Italy, impresentabile. Forte has, basically, lost far worse than the Democrats in last week's Mid-Term. Which, for the man of the Pope, is a great punishment indeed.

Still, I do not think this is the news of the day. The news of the day is that a group of Bishops has given another very loud slap – symbolically, of course – to the Humble Leader, who was thus informed that – even among the not-so-terribly-conservative Italian bishops – to be an obvious darling of the Pope now guarantees a high level of toxicity. Particularly so, when this particular toxic prelate was the author – at least the official one – of the infamous, aggressively neo-Pagan stunt at the Synod; and particularly so, when even my neighbour's cat knows that Francis was the longa manus behind the – repetita iuvant – neo-Pagan exercise.

Forte, in Italian, also means “strong”, or “aloud”. It seems to me that the adverb very well applies to the slap given to Francis today, by his own bishops, in a country he should have in his pocket without even a doubt, or a question.

Methinks, TMAHICH wanted to push his man to show that his brand of neo-Paganism is alive and kicking, and ready to strike again as soon as a suitable occasion arises. It has not worked. Again.

It seems to me that Francis is losing his grip on reality, and continues to smash his nose to the wall out of sheer mindless arrogance and inability to get simple facts in that thick skull of his. Reality seems to go past him unnoticed. If he is not on cocaine, he seems to think and behave like one.

This man cannot even rally the bishops of Central Italy behind his protégé, but wants to remake Catholicism and Christianity in his own image. Someone please suggest to him a long, long holiday; possibly far, far away.

Unless Francis manages to recover the semblance of a face, it is not entirely clear to me how he will be able to carry entire continents, and to defy Catholicism together with the minority of atheists and faggots who still are not ashamed to be seen as his allies. Heavens, he can't even push his own people! In his own backyard!

Obama is, most certainly, not the only lame duck around.





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  1. Bruno, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  2. Narcissistic sociopathic evil substance abusers do not go down easy.

    They tend to burn as much of the ground about them before they self-immolate.

    Pope Bergobama may be a lame duck but he ain’t nowheres near finished with his quest.

  3. I am becoming less optimistic. Francis must have expected this resistance and planned accordingly.  True, the rejection of Forte was an indirect but unmistakable rejection of Francis. But at the same time you have the American bishops basically promising to swallow any filth that Francis shovels at them. Francis is “reforming” the process for removing bishops, and there are many pretexts he could use to justify quick, selective removal. Think of the thunderous applause the world would give him if he quickly removed bishops under the pretext of “cleaning up” the Church. It’s a win-win for him; adulation of the world and a chance to stack the deck. We are already seeing this in some cases you are obviously aware of. Remember what Cardinal Marx said: “The doors are open — wider than they have ever been since the Second Vatican Council. The synod debates were just a starting point. Francis wants to get things moving, to push processes forward. The real work is about to begin.”

    I hope you’re not underestimating this Jesuit.

  4. I’m relatively new to this blog although I’ve stopped here on a couple of occasions over the years. For what does the acronym TMAHICH stand?

    • The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.
      It is generally (unless I forget) also referenced in the “tag” section below the post.
      Welcome, btw.

  5. Mundabor- what do you think of the latest interview? It seems like Francis is sending a very clear message that it’s full steam ahead on the communion for divorced and remarried. Francis says, “Communion alone is no solution. The solution is integration.”(!). I don’t think he’s backing down. Are you reassessing your predictions? What are your thoughts?

    • I will look today. Everyday I see many links which often link to the same interview, or to past ones. The man gives interviews so fast one cannot keep abreast.
      P.S. no, I had never any doubt he would try to push his agenda in that smily way of his. What I doubt is that he will choose open conflict. We will read perhaps one hundreds interviews with inclusive shit talk before the 2015 synod, I am sure…

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