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Francis’ Heresy Openly Discussed… By A Jesuit!

James V. Schall is an old darling of this little effort, and possibly one of three Jesuits left (but they might be seven, or eight…) who still believe in the Last Four Things. 

The very same man has now published an article about heretical Popes. 

The article seem to provide some – limited – answers to a question already appeared on this blog: who decides that the See is vacant, and how. But the  article is not notable because of that.

The article is notable because a Jesuit registers and examines the accusations of heresy moved to the Pope, and the possible declaration of the Sea as vacant in future, as a possibility worthy of discussion; a fact of life; an issue of our times.

There are no anathemas, and no denunciation of the utter madness of Catholics  who think they are more Catholic than the Pope. Instead, there is a photo of Francis The Clown, with obligatory red nose.

I invite you to read this article twice, and to carefully examine the subtext. This is an intelligent man, writing for intelligent and perceptive people. He knows how to send a message without being too overt. Intelligenti pauca.


Ah, if this Jesuit had been made Pope…!


“Vatican Totalitarianism”: Waiting For English Translations

Father Rodriguez: “Smear The Traddie” Game Goes On

father rodriguez

After Father Manelli, Bishop Lovieres Plano in Paraguay and Bishop Oliveri in Albenga-Imperia, this time it is the turn of a simple priest to be smeared, whilst his obvious Traditional leaning is the real cause of the attack against him. 

I would seriously never think of inviting for dinner anyone who would tell me: “oh well, the bishop has accused him of irregularities with money of the parish; so let us just shut up, shan’t we?”. 

The bishop has made accusations at the same time minor and clearly specious. If he thinks Father has used donation money for his own private benefit, he should of course denounce him to the police and start a criminal investigation, of which both (not the investigation, and not even the denunciation) there is no trace as I speak.  If the bishop is accusing Father Rodriguez of asking that donations be made in his own name so that the bishop cannot steal the money meant for serious Catholic purposes to finance the next dialogue group with Muslims and Perverts, there’s an administrative irregularity at most, and we should believe in the innocence of the person such accused until proved guilty. 

But the real question, and the real reason for this blog post, is another one: 

If after Manelli, Lovieres Plano and Oliveri you are still ready to believe every smear that evil progressive bishops launch on good traddies, what does this say of you?

And please, please do not give an ear to all those who profit of the hour to launch the usual attacks to exemplary Catholics like Father Rodriguez, saying that they are “divisive”, and have displeased many in their parish. 

Of course they are! Of course they have! Nowadays you can’t, as a priest, say three Catholic things in a row without displeasing an awful lot of your parishioners, and being called “divisive”! 

Remember the Synod? Or do you have already forgotten?

No? Well, then…

And for heaven’s sake, for heaven’s sake, think! Why would a person in the habit of making dirty things with the money of his parishioners attract attention and hostility on himself by being such an outspoken defender of orthodoxy?  You could call him “Father Shoot-At-Me”, of Father Turkey-At- Thanksgiving” as well!  A suicide terrorist would be more subtle.  This is another example – not at bishop’s level, but targeting an important voice on the Internet – of what the coming eleven months  have in store for us.

“Smear. Smear. Something will stick”.

It seems the troop led by TMAHICH loves to play this game.  


P.s. Sabbatical from priestly activity, uh? 

He can, then, blog and make videos, surely? 

By Their Friends You Will Recognise Them

Mundabor's Blog

Possibly homosexual priest promotes sodomy his entire life.

Francis receives him.

He concelebrates Mass with him.

He even kisses his hand.

(The priest is the one dressed like a layman, with a cross added)




Homosexual priest has given open scandal in South America for many years.

He is allowed to run three Vatican hotels, where religious of a certain kind can, more or less casually, meet other religious of a certain kind, undisturbed.

Francis lives under his roof.

He also promoted the man to an extremely high position, at the head of the Vatican Bank.

Francis is photographed with him in a very friendly attitude.





Perfectly orthodox priests from a very saintly family co-founds a perfectly orthodox religious order that becomes among the most successful within the Church.

He is slandered and confined at home, whilst Francis goes over his order with the…

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Parallel Destinies

Cured of Obamaitis, at last.

Barack Hussein Obama was sold like a superior kind of man; an opinion with which he always appeared to agree wholeheartedly. Not only he could not do anything wrong, but whatever he said was met with enthusiastic approval. His very fast ascent to power had something messianic in the mind of his countless, not very smart followers. And he was black, or at least half black. Therefore, he was the perfect feel-good machine for all those too stupid to look beyond skin colour: reverse racists uncomfortable with being, well, White.

Exactly the same mechanism was put in place for Francis. He was the all-new, Model 2014 Papacy, destined to let everything before him look obsolete. The same vast exaggeration of his own ability – if anything links the two, is a mediocre intelligent linked with a stunning ignorance -, the same air of total and irresistible novelty, and the same mass of brainless adoring groupies followed him everywhere. Granted, Francis isn't black; but he was so humble, and such a friend of the poor and embracer of wheelchairs; how could anyone not love him, without being “a hater”?

The marketing machine worked well for a while, because a big marketing effort coupled with an extremely prestigious position will always fool the slow-witted, who are the vast majority. But the problem with marketing is that whilst it can persuade people for a while that shit is gold, it can't change the first into the second; and the masses, at some point, notice.

The rise to the skies has now been followed by a ruinous crush to the ground; something more evident in Obama, but more traumatic for Francis; because Francis is the Pope, and no Pope in living memory was as humiliated as him, much less looked very stupid in the process.

As Obama's socialist utopia has been soundly rejected after the Country tasted only the appetizer of his social experiments, Francis' own brand of heresy and paganism is tumbling down fast, and he looks like a Fidel Castro doll put together again with the glue after an entire Synod drove above it. The shape may be the same, but everyone knows the toy is broken.

Two of greatest narcissists ever to disgrace their office have had, or are about to have, their comeuppance pretty much at the same time, after a parable showing many similarities. It will take more time for Francis to be utterly disgraced, because he is the Pope. But again, as he is the Pope every time he is contradicted or criticised by his own bishop for not being orthodox or doing nothing to defend orthodoxy this has very special consequences for his prestige, his effectiveness, and his legacy.



The Soundness Of The Catholic Heartland

The humble abode of Vannozza Cattanei, the long-term mistress of Alexander VI.

With great pleasure I have read a great blog post on Rorate concerning the different ways Catholics in the traditional Catholic heartland see a couple of things. I feel, at times, rather isolated explaining this to an English-reading audience, so when help comes it is certainly welcome.

I will add only some impressions of mine, which I think might be of profit.

Firstly, in Italy no one would ever consider it offensive to call a Pope by his family name. Papa Sarto, Papa Pacelli, Papa Ratti were common expression before V II, and said with all the due respect. But you see: it was the respect due to a man. A man called to the highest office, and still with nothing supernatural in him.

Similarly, the expectation that the Popes be saintly men is rather naive in a country whose history is very intimately connected with, often, very secular Popes, and in which it is impossible to visit any of the big, and many of the less big, cities without finding infinite examples of the not-so-saintly characters of many Popes, or future Popes.

An Italian Catholic hopes and prays that the Pope is a saintly man. But he would never link his faith in the Church to the Pope being saintly. If he did, he would be asked on which planet – or rather, in which Country – he has lived up to now.

A blogger priest some time ago wrote a comment on his own blog, on the lines of “if the Pope were to teach error, then the faith would crumble”. I found the comment, and the thinking, astonishing, and probably written in a moment of unguarded despondency. Still, his reaction would not have been understood in Italy, where people would simply say that if the Pope teaches error this Pope is an extremely bad Pope; but again, as the Truth is not attached to any Pope, he could not destroy it more than he could destroy the Milky Way.

Then there is a lighter detail: Popes are, in Italy, considered the epitome of luxury and comfort. “Sto come un Papa”, “ho dormito come un Papa”, “son trattato come un Papa”, and the like all convey this image of extreme comfort and luxury. They know the Pope lives like a Pope, sleeps like a Pope, and is treated like a Pope.

If the Great Mess were to happen, you would see the faithful of Southern Europe drily recognising what a disgrace the Pope is; whilst many in Anglo-Saxon Country would have to invent the most outlandish fantasies – say: Francis was never elected Pope, Burke was; but then he was told they would torture Benedict with a feather, and deprive him of his books, unless Burke accepts Bergoglio; and he had to do it, to save the old man, of course… you have all heard such stories… – in order to stay Catholic…


The soundness of the Catholic heartland, unsullied by all the errors caused either by Ptotestantism or by a wrong reaction to it, will be of great help if the time comes to look at a truly horrible reality in the face. A reality from which, as every sound Catholic will know on reflection, God never promised he would protect us.

Particularly when we have done nothing to deserve such protection, and everything to deserve the punishment.



Meet Father Nemo: Anonymity On The Internet

Meet Father Nemo: Anonymity On The Internet

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