Francis’ Heresy Openly Discussed… By A Jesuit!

James V. Schall is an old darling of this little effort, and possibly one of three Jesuits left (but they might be seven, or eight…) who still believe in the Last Four Things. 

The very same man has now published an article about heretical Popes. 

The article seem to provide some – limited – answers to a question already appeared on this blog: who decides that the See is vacant, and how. But the  article is not notable because of that.

The article is notable because a Jesuit registers and examines the accusations of heresy moved to the Pope, and the possible declaration of the Sea as vacant in future, as a possibility worthy of discussion; a fact of life; an issue of our times.

There are no anathemas, and no denunciation of the utter madness of Catholics  who think they are more Catholic than the Pope. Instead, there is a photo of Francis The Clown, with obligatory red nose.

I invite you to read this article twice, and to carefully examine the subtext. This is an intelligent man, writing for intelligent and perceptive people. He knows how to send a message without being too overt. Intelligenti pauca.


Ah, if this Jesuit had been made Pope…!


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  1. Yes, Mundabor, if only Fr. Schall were Pope. I respectfully want to inform you that you want to write “See” in the above post, not “Sea.” In English, it is the Holy See;

    Thanks for your great posts.

  2. Agreed, Mr. Mundy…the subtlety employed by Fr. Schall was a graceful expression of deliberating upon a host of suggested conflicts which the Bergo-meister might have with Catholicism. Given Schall’s reputation and the general level of respect with which he is held, one can’t reflexively shoo away his words as the mere pennings of a run-of-the-mill blogger.

    Actually, if I were to read something akin to this and I was the subject of interest, I’d be most offended that Schall raises some serious questions about my professional character and reputation but proffers no answers. It’s as though Schall passes gas at the palace yet calmly strolls away, allowing the stench to perfume the air for the guests’ consideration. Alas, Bergie only partakes of the Daily Mail; he’ll lose no sleep, then, fuming at the prospect that a fellow Jesuit essentially called him out for both his heresies as well as his banalities.

  3. Where is the article my friend?

  4. Thank you Mundabor. I could not see the link but it works just fine. 🙂

  5. Regarding the comment asking where the article is: on the mobile version of your site, linked text is indistinguishable from ordinary text. On the desktop version, there is no such problem. The link itself works in either case, but has to be hunted for on a phone. I don’t know if you have different style settings available for mobile/desktop formats, but if you do, changing the mobile one to add underlining or italics would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Yes, I read this (and all) blogs on my phone and there is no indication of a link to another document on the relevant words. Mine is an iPhone (unfortunately).

  7. Hello Sarmaticus!
    I did not know or never noticed you had a blog!
    Beautiful post!

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