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The Wheelchair Is Not Enough: Say Hello To The Showers For The Homeless!

Thank you for the showers, Frankie!

First things first: Francis is not the stupid one here. Stupid are all those who read of this deceiver of souls ordering that showers for the homeless be installed under the very Colonnade and do not immediately detect the cheapest shot at popularity among the lobotomised masses ever shot by this unspeakable man.

The Wheelchairs have clearly lost their appeal. After the thirtieth one, it starts to get old. A new marketing stunt for the idiots is needed. Meet the showers!

Francis being the unassuming, publicity-shy, modest man that he is, the homeless are not provided with showers in one of the countless places run by Catholic charities and parishes. No, they must be put in the middle of a magnificent, world-famous monument, lest the risk be run that only one child does not notice who the humble benefactor is.

Let me repeat it: stupid are those who fall for this, not Francis. Francis is merely being the usual populist manipulator, feeding his Catholic pigeons. He sees that his followers are so thick that there is no amount of attention whoring they would not celebrate. Everything in this man is so kitsch, so stupidly vulgar, so over the top, that one wonders whether we will not have drunkards urinating in the Sistine Chapel before very long. Hey, if it makes a headline, he is game.

Fai del bene e non lo dire, says a Roman usage: do good, and don't tell it. Francis: not Roman, then.

All this, mind, as the Sistine Chapel – which, as the name says, is… a chapel! – is rented to Porsche for a corporate event. The sacred is offended, whilst man takes centre stage.

Forget God. Think of the homeless. This is, in short, Francis' disgraceful papacy.

Partially changing the topic, I could not avoid imagining Monsignor Ricca going around the showers, and amicably chatting with the homeless; among which, as we all know when we switch the PC mode off and our brains on, drugs and sexual perversion are ripe. Perhaps will the one or other, he will think, be amenable to being… evangelised? I can imagine a lot of “charitable work” going on from the Vatican Faggots United Football Team. The targets are delivered very near to them, and why after the showering should not follow some feeding? Yes, the butterfly collection is also there…


Seriously, I think this Pope would dance in a tutu in the middle of St Peter Square; or take part in a porn movie; or eat shit in front of the cameras; or do anything and everything, if he only thought this makes him more popular among the idiots whose approval he is courting. He doesn't do it not be ause he would be ashamed of it – I do not think there is everything he would be ashamed of – but because he realises, far more simply, that it would not be good for him. But truly, it's just this.

This is a lewd old man with no faith, no decency, and no shame. Can't wait for his photos among the showering homeless.

Bernini will roll in his grave.

Monsignor Ricca will be all excitement.




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