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The “Saints Were Haters” Reblog

Canada: Gaystapo In Action, and Tapayer-funded



On The Persecution Of Catholic Priests By Their Own Superiors.

God bless you, Father Rodriguez!

God bless you, Father Rodriguez!



… there appears to me to be a paradigm growing regarding Summorum Pontificum/Universae Ecclesiae and the TLM, that while it may be permitted by bishops/powers that be/Pope for a priest “raised,” if you will, in the Novus Ordo environment, to offer the TLM on occasion, it most certainly will not be permitted for such priests to offer the TLM exclusively.

This interesting reflections appeared on the always interesting “Blog for Dallas Area Catholics”.

On personal reflection, it seems to me that this cannot be a uniform key of reading the events. I say this because of the following reflections:

1. To my knowledge, the FFI offered many Masses in the Novus Ordo before the Great Persecution started. They were, though, becoming increasingly more critical of V II. There is also, from what I have read around, an interesting episode of the FFI allowing the Tridentine Mass in a church of theirs, just metres past the boundary of the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio; a move evidently aimed at making the Traditional Latin Mass as convenient as possible to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, then led by Archbishop Pothead himself.

2. Father Rodriguez was, as far as I know, already in disgrace by his own bishop because of his energetic defence of marriage against the tide of sexual perversion currently sweeping the West. It is difficult for me not to imagine that this is what made him a privileged target of his bishop’s attentions, and caused his transfer to a remote parish in the first place.

3. Bishop Lovieres Plano, another victim of this Pontiff, and Bishop Oliveri of Albenga-Imperia, possibly the next one,  also had most certainly most masses in their dioceses celebrated in the Novus Ordo. In these cases, though, they both run extremely successful seminaries, which were certainly a Catholic menace for the likes of Bergoglio. 


It seems to me that there is no single common denominator behind these episodes of persecution of good Catholic priest, other than this: that their being good Catholic priests is seen as a nuisance, a menace or an open challenge to the Church of Nice. The ways in which this can happen are multiform, but they can all traced back to one common denominator: Catholicism taken seriously.

If we want to understand what is happening, we must see the events in the right perspective: whilst the usual “feel-good” V II mentality was always an obstacle to sound Catholicism, Francis is, with his secular Neo-Paganism, its sworn enemy.  He will, therefore, attack sound Catholicism whenever he thinks he can do so safely, perhaps abandoning caution when – as in the case of the FFI – personal animosity add to the already evident motive of attacking sound Catholics.

This cascades, then, in a sort of open season on orthodox priests. Cardinal Dolan can get rid of Father Wright under Francis in a way that would not have been possible under Benedict. The climate has changed. The bishops read the new temperature, and act accordingly.

Father Rodriguez is, no doubt, not the last to be targeted. Excuses and pretexts of various kind will never be in any shortage, and there will never be any shortage of dumbos ready to believe whatever accusation is merely hinted to.

This is the way of this pontificate. There will be no scarcity of bishops adopting the same methods.


It’s Beginning To Look Like, Like… Patti Smith!

The only reason why an old Jim Morrison wasn't invited to perform...

The only reason why an old Jim Morrison wasn’t invited to perform…


You probably know by now about Francis’ idea of a Christmas concert. Invited this year are the stupid nun who – I seem to remember – wanted to stop after the Italian stupid TV show, and a punk rock so-called “icon” (for potheads, that is: which explains Francis’ interest in her) called Patti Smith.

Who would this cretin not invite, if they were still alive? Would an old Janis Joplin be invited? Jimi Hendrix? What about Jim Morrison?

Seriously: how can one not understand that Francis is using his position of Pope to bring as many people he can as far from Christ as he can, and straight into not only the secular society, but the worst of it?

This man is a true menace. You can be “confused” about what he does only if you think – absurdly, at this point – that he wants to promote Catholicism. 

Realise instead that he is Catholicism’s biggest enemy, and you will immediately see that all pieces fall into place. and everything Francis does is perfectly clear and utterly transparent. 



Is The Pope Purging Conservatives?

Short answer: duh?

Do not be surprised, dear reader, at the banality of the question. Apparently, there are people out there who say that to be demoted from the head of one of the most important Congregations to a purely honorific position is just normal. Hey, his five year mandate was elapsed. Time for doing nothing, then.

The author goes on getting even funnier, in an heroic effort of Pollyannism that I struggle not to consider disingenuous. Look, he says, now that Burke has nothing to do, he will have more time to criticise the Pope. Dear Francis is, therefore, encouraging loyal opposition!

This would be funny, but the situation isn't; so I will not laugh.

No. Being demoted and sent to the wilderness means just that: being demoted and sent to the wilderness. This being the Vatican, the wilderness is a rather pleasant place, but I hope no one considered a Siberian Gulag, or hard field labour, the usual alternative.

Burke is in his prime. At 67, it might be argued he is too young to be Pope. He is, by universal recognition, an extremely competent man in his field. He has led an archdiocese and a Vatican Congregation already. There is no end of important, effective positions he could be assigned to – including the one in which he was – if the Pope did not want to purge him.

The one with the loyal opposition is even funnier. With this mentality, I could say that when Mussolini sent dissidents into confinement, he did so in order for them to have a lot of time to write books, memories and other reflections, thus also encouraging loyal opposition.

Heavens, what people will not invent to keep you away from reality.

The reality is, though, still staring at us in the face. Only with a big effort of Pollyannism can we blind ourselves to it. But there it remains. Brutal.

It's time to wake up, and start looking at the events for what they are. But again, if one reads certain blogs reality is, very probably, exactly that from which he is trying to escape in the first place.


Service Announcement

A number of readers have informed me that the links I post do not work with hand-held devices, at least with smartphones. 

The phenomenon has been observed with both iFag and Android devices. 

I am not doing anything differently, nor would I know how to do it differently. 

My suspicion is that in one of those software updates that are becoming more and more frequent, a bug has sneaked in. It will be corrected in time, I hope. 



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