Is The Pope Purging Conservatives?

Short answer: duh?

Do not be surprised, dear reader, at the banality of the question. Apparently, there are people out there who say that to be demoted from the head of one of the most important Congregations to a purely honorific position is just normal. Hey, his five year mandate was elapsed. Time for doing nothing, then.

The author goes on getting even funnier, in an heroic effort of Pollyannism that I struggle not to consider disingenuous. Look, he says, now that Burke has nothing to do, he will have more time to criticise the Pope. Dear Francis is, therefore, encouraging loyal opposition!

This would be funny, but the situation isn't; so I will not laugh.

No. Being demoted and sent to the wilderness means just that: being demoted and sent to the wilderness. This being the Vatican, the wilderness is a rather pleasant place, but I hope no one considered a Siberian Gulag, or hard field labour, the usual alternative.

Burke is in his prime. At 67, it might be argued he is too young to be Pope. He is, by universal recognition, an extremely competent man in his field. He has led an archdiocese and a Vatican Congregation already. There is no end of important, effective positions he could be assigned to – including the one in which he was – if the Pope did not want to purge him.

The one with the loyal opposition is even funnier. With this mentality, I could say that when Mussolini sent dissidents into confinement, he did so in order for them to have a lot of time to write books, memories and other reflections, thus also encouraging loyal opposition.

Heavens, what people will not invent to keep you away from reality.

The reality is, though, still staring at us in the face. Only with a big effort of Pollyannism can we blind ourselves to it. But there it remains. Brutal.

It's time to wake up, and start looking at the events for what they are. But again, if one reads certain blogs reality is, very probably, exactly that from which he is trying to escape in the first place.


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