It’s Beginning To Look Like, Like… Patti Smith!

The only reason why an old Jim Morrison wasn't invited to perform...

The only reason why an old Jim Morrison wasn’t invited to perform…


You probably know by now about Francis’ idea of a Christmas concert. Invited this year are the stupid nun who – I seem to remember – wanted to stop after the Italian stupid TV show, and a punk rock so-called “icon” (for potheads, that is: which explains Francis’ interest in her) called Patti Smith.

Who would this cretin not invite, if they were still alive? Would an old Janis Joplin be invited? Jimi Hendrix? What about Jim Morrison?

Seriously: how can one not understand that Francis is using his position of Pope to bring as many people he can as far from Christ as he can, and straight into not only the secular society, but the worst of it?

This man is a true menace. You can be “confused” about what he does only if you think – absurdly, at this point – that he wants to promote Catholicism. 

Realise instead that he is Catholicism’s biggest enemy, and you will immediately see that all pieces fall into place. and everything Francis does is perfectly clear and utterly transparent. 



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  1. shocked, shocked!!!

    patti smith, what next…….oh i know, elton john!

  2. My Dearest Sir Lord Komrade Mundabor,

    Given that 2017 will soon be upon us and we will celebrating the Golden Jubilee of S.P. (Sergeant Pepper – not that spiritual bank robbery “Summorum Pontificum”…ha!), I instruct you, Komrade Mundabor, to enlist your vast readership to petition Sirs Ringo & Paul to include my picture for the 50th Anniversary release of this august art work.

    Also, if your readers might include Lee Harvey Oswald on the petition it might be helpful; but please instruct them to mention me (Pope Humble Blackshoes) primarily and most prominently. If there’s to be room for only one assassin’s likeness on S.P., then it must rightly be mine!

    May I continue to bless you,

    Your pal, Pope Frankie the Famous

  3. Oh no, you mean the Sister Cecilia who sings Madonna’s trashy “Like a Virgin” while she’s wearing her habit and seems oblivious to the implications of the lyrics. Ewww!

  4. Sorry, I should have typed Sister Cristina.

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