The “Saints Were Haters” Reblog

Canada: Gaystapo In Action, and Tapayer-funded



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  1. Speaking of haterz:

    “It is possible to have dialogue, listen to each other and plan together, and in this way overcome suspicion and prejudice and build safe, peaceful and inclusive co-existence.”

    “Pope Francis encourages Europeans to accept Muzzies, Gypsies and even Romanians. ‘The only group we must resist, isolate and persecute are Traddies,’ according to the Pontiff. ‘They are a nasty, barmy lot and they aren’t humble and they scare babies.'”;_ylt=AwrBEiG42mhUokIAC0bQtDMD

    • Those mad, bad, traddies certainly aren’t as humble as Frank, the Most Humble Pope Ever. I was deluded enough to think that Stephen Harper might restrain the Canadian behemoth of the Canadian taxpayer funded politically correct Arsestapo. Apparently not.

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