A Glimpse Into The Future

Francis had been very near the no sailing zone for some time now...

Francis had been very near the no sailing zone for some time now…


An Italian Canonist has presented a petition to ask the Cardinal to examine whether Francis is not in manifest heresy and, in case, decide whether he should be deposed. 

The text of the petition, in English, is here. 

The petition merits to be read with attention before forming a beginning of an opinion, much less writing any comment. 

It is not for me to say whether the path envisaged by the petitioner is one that most sound theologians would consider applicable in theory, or whether Francis’ antics – material heresy, certainly; formal heresy, I would say for now certainly not – would justify his deposition (ex nunc or ex tunc) from a suitable number of Cardinals. I have often stated, and repeat today, than in this matter I will refer to the opinion of those who know much more than myself about it, and whose judgment in this matter I trust implicitly: the Society of St. Pius X, the strongest and truest bastion of Catholic orthodoxy. My take is, therefore, that if the SSPX declares the See vacant, or the Pope in any way whatsoever legitimately deprived of his office, I will follow their position; but until that moment, I will consider that a disgraceful Pope is in power, albeit I will – cela va sans dire – refuse obedience to him in every matter in which the higher loyalty to Christ is at stake. 

The reason why I have posted this petition is that this is, literally, a glimpse into the future; at least for the case that Francis decides to go bonkers next October, and choose the open confrontation. 

Whilst it does not seem to me that the way suggested by the petitioner is necessarily the way to go – again, I refer here to the authority of those I trust -, there can be no doubt that this is the kind of situation we will have starting from October 2015, if Francis pushes the nuclear button. 

When even Jesuits consider the question whether the Pope is a heretic a fully legitimate one, it is clear Francis is sailing very close to the wind.

Unless the Lord graces us with a sudden demise or resignation of that pitiful individual, we are in for some interesting times indeed. 









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  1. Truly a glimpse into the future. Interesting that the US Bishops chose a couple of conservatives to be delegates at the Synod next year. Even Archbishop Cordielione may go

  2. My personal opinion is that heresy, like many other sins, can be committed in thought, word, or deed and by omission . Heretical thoughts it has been stated, are not enough to depose a pope. Heretical words in some instances are enough. Heretical deeds seem to be as bad, if at not worse in some circumstances than heretical utterances, because it is possible for a pope to create many mouthpieces for heresy and condone them with praise and important appointments when a pope should be openly correcting and renouncing their heresy. These heretical deeds and omissions of duty , it seems to me ,should weigh heavily in the judgment by the competent authorities in the matter of deposing a pope.

  3. Much like yourself, Mundy, most of us lay Catholics are not in the position to know exactly the best way to proceed in such a technical matter. It’s similar to a patient reading his own x-rays and then trying to prescribe the best treatment for a cancer.

    But, we “pewsitters” do know what heresy and general Francis kookiness looks, feels, tastes, sounds and smells like…and if Frank continues down his road, he will meet a more formal resistance.

    The way to solve this quagmire, knowing full well that this suggested solution will not occur, is to cart Frank’s arse over to his assigned Papal Quarters and away from the Motel 6 Santa Marta where he is currently domiciled; have the Swiss Guard inspect all packages addressed to him with drug sniffing dogs and remove all alcohol from his reach. A little cold turkey introspection for Bergie might just jolt him into an orthodox reality. If not, at least he’ll be sober minded the next time he spews his fountain of filth like a 3rd Rate Community Organizer.

    If that doesn’t work, an olde fashioned exorcism should be on the table.

  4. The petition keeps to the facts and invokes the proper authorities and procedures. It is fundamentally concerned with stopping the damage to souls being done by a pope who constantly, objectively opposes the Faith and morals in his public actions and pronouncements.

    • Yes, but these procedures are not universally approved; I think, rather, that they are shared by a minority of theologians.
      Still, if Francis continues down the road, discussions like this one will soon be everywhere.

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