Euthanasia: Who Is Francis To Judge?

In an incredible turn of events, Pope Francis makes headlines for saying something Catholic. He is – and at this point it is certainly a relief – against euthanasia.

One cannot escape the suspicion that Francis is giving something to eat to his Catholic pigeons, as he must do every now and then if he wants to keep some shred of credibility among them. His choice of words is also not particularly strong, nor is there any mention of punishment. The statement that euthanasia is a sin against God is also a bit strange, seen that actually every sin is.

But this is not the real issue here. The real issue here is: who is he to judge? What if the person who commits suicides, or aborts, “seeks the Lord” and all that rubbish? Who is Francis to judge? Should he not “walk with” the person about to dispose himself, and meet her, say, outside of the room where she is going to get the lethal injection?

When one as a Pope is so evidently wrong in fundamentals, he will never be right in particulars. Once the very premises of his “thinking” are wrong, every thought loses credibility. His own stupidity is so vast in scope, that it will speak against him whatever he says.

One day, even the liberals who idolise him will be forced to say to him: “who are you to judge?”.

Then, the fun will begin in earnest.


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  1. They judge everything else these days at the Vatican:

    Nov 17 (Reuters) – The end of communist rule in Europe, which began 25 years ago this month, was not all positive for Christianity because it brought tensions between Rome and Russia back to the surface, a senior Vatican official said on Monday.

    Cardinal Kurt Koch, the top Roman Catholic official for inter-church relations, said, “To think some fools even suggest we consecrate Russia in terms of some frivolous Fatima superstition.”

  2. Sin against God? Does this mean he believes in God?

  3. Truly, at this point, anything Francis says that is even Catholic sounding is a blessing. When Robin Williams committed suicide I was called twisted for tweeting: Suicide is the equivalent of Lucifer’s Non serviam—I will not serve—the ultimate NO—an affront to God, author & owner of life. Now that is truly Catholic.

    • To think that what you have tweeted would have been considered utter banality only two generations ago.
      Nowadays, even most Bishops would be afraid to say it.

  4. Should I find myself one day dying a painful death, I will praise God. I will rejoice in my pain. For I know that suffering will bring me closer to God. I will not forget that suffering on earth is but a hint of the pains of Hell. I will remember what Bishop Slattery of Tulsa said:

    “But the point which we must clarify is that Christ reveals Himself to those who suffer in Christ, to those who humbly accept their pain as a personal sharing in His Passion and who are thus obedient to Christ’s command that we take up our cross and follow Him. Suffering by itself is simply the promise that death will claim these mortal bodies of ours, but suffering in Christ is the promise that we will be raised with Christ, when our mortality will be remade in his immortality and all that in our lives which is broken because it is perishable and finite will be made imperishable and incorrupt.”

    His Eminence’s whole sermon:

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