Former Lesbian Pleads For Catholic Approach To Sexual Perversion

Beautiful article on Life Site News about the thoughts of a former lesbian concerning what is happening right now among the shepherds.

The article is interesting in more ways than one. Below, my own remarks.

“It’s like if one day I think my car should become a boat and I plunge it into a river thinking this is totally passible. But General Motors begs to differ. If I toss aside GM’s plan for the car and drive into the river, the car will sink and I will drown. God created us. He knows and tells us the way he made us to be.

Already with this observation – an observation born from painful years of sexual perversion; so she must know something of it – Robin Teresa Beck, the former lesbian, shows she is miles ahead not only of the progressive heretics, but of all those “sensitive” priests who buy into the “born that way” mantra.

Born that way, my foot. God doesn’t do perversion. By definition, perversion is what goes away from the direction established by God.

“I think because I was so broken and so totally sickened by my sin that for me it was like: ‘I’m never going back there”.

Another enlightening, profound phrase. Consciousness of sin allowed her to discovered who she really is, and go back to sanity, forever. A person sunk in perversion will always find ways to justify himself, and blame the planet. The discovery of faith enlightens one’s consciousness, and allows one to see clearly. I wonder how many priests would have the gut to say to their more or less unrepentant sheep with the same issue: “I think when your faith blossoms you will be so broken and totally sickened by your sin that you will say: ‘I’m never going back there’ “. 

I don’t care if Pope Francis gets in the chair and proclaims homosexual behavior is no longer a sin — which of course he can’t do — but if he did, I would be like: ‘No, I’m sorry. It is a sin.’ I don’t care who tries to tell me otherwise. I am just resolute on that.”

We have it here once again, and very explicitly: another sound Catholic afraid that the Pope might, in a way or another, try to change the perception of church teaching. The Pope is rapidly becoming the number one menace to Catholicism. Everyone with a sound brain and an alert mind understands this. The perception of Pope Francis as the Attila of Catholicism (at least, if he dared to) will soon be mainstream. 

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 “Priests need to stop people-pleasing. They need to speak the truth in love.

Please, dear priests, stop being fags. Start being men instead. You have the job of saving souls, not pleasing people. 

This woman thinks better than, very probably, 90% of the Western bishops. Her voice needs to be heard. 

The “hospital” is there to heal the sick, not to give them drugs until they go to hell.


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  1. Allow me to commend this blog to you. It is written by a former homosexual porn actor who is now a devout Catholic and who absolutely denies the ‘born this way’ falsehood that is now generally accepted and promoted even within the Church.

  2. The great cloud of heresy that hangs over the Church makes it extremely difficult for such souls to find their way to the truth that will set them free. Here in Chicago a special “gay mass” is offered each week by AGLO, the Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach, at a North Side Chicago Church in the heart of our fair city’s “Boys Town” As they are little more than gay dating services, repentant sodomites or gomorrahettes would do well to avoid the welcoming embrace of such abominations. They will have to do considerable research to find one of the tiny handful of parishes where the faith in its wholeness is not just tolerated but even at times preached and where it is to be presumed that someone who speaks to them at a parish function is not doing so with the basest of intentions.

    • Is this a Catholic thing? How on earth could Cardinal George tolerate it?
      Cupich will, of course, likely take part himself…


      P.s I looked at the temperatures in Chicago today. Boy, if this is November in your “fair city”, what will be February?
      How do people cope? Do they stay home all winter and read my blog? 😉

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