Meet The Monolith.

I seem to understand, from blog posts I read around, that the problem of Traditionalists harshly criticising the Pope would be that they bring other Catholics outside of the Church.

With all due respect: poppycock.

I know of many blogs and Internet outlets which, whilst rightfully harsh with the old Sixty-Eighter now in charge, uphold the Catholic faith at every step, and encourage all those confused by TMAHICH to do the same.

Where do the doubts and confusion of the faithful come from? From the fear of seeing the faith of their grandmother being declared passé, and the secular mentality raised to the rank of New And Improved Catholicism, with papal approval.

How must these people react when they start surfing the Internet, and finally find outspoken Traditionalist blogs? I know the effect they had on me: immense relief, and encouragement to learn more about Catholicism.

Titius or Caius have been told by grandma that Catholicism is a monolith, a huge block of granite. Even when they lapsed, more or less openly, they still knew the monolith was there. Now Francis is declaring the monolith outmoded, and he offers excrements instead, saying that in the Age of Mercy the monolith is brown, and smells of sheep. Titius and Caius start browsing the Internet, and … there is it, the good old monolith! A huge block of granite, to which all the Traditionalist bloggers point and say: “look at it! An idiot is trying to scratch it with a fork! How do you think it is going to end?”

If the reader does not feel a huge sense of relief and consolation in finding his grandmother's monolith again, it means that he never cared for it much. On the contrary, for many the fear of the loss of the “old religion” will be a powerful motivation, once the monolith has been found again, to really start to like it.

Who would, then, be pushed away from Catholicism because of people criticising Francis? Those, evidently, who never liked the monolith in the first place. Those who are looking for an excuse to ditch the Church. Those for whom the monolith was immer too hard, and prefer Francis' soft excrements instead. Those for whom no truth can ever be allowed to be hard… to them.

No. Don't tell me that we do any damage. Francis does the damage. We merely try to minimise it as much as we can.

We introduce the huge block of granite to the confused faithful, and explain to them its beauty and its purpose; why it has to be hard, and why it will always be hard. But we try to make our best to let them grow in their appreciation of the huge monolith, so that those going around peddling excrements may not confuse them, and lead them astray.

Are we harsh in doing this? 'Course we are! Excrements stink mightily, too! Half words do not serve anyone in this situation. We are in a red alert, we can't pretend there's no need to sound all the alarm bells!

But that a disgraceful Pope should behave like no other Pope in History, and those who upheld the truths of our forefathers should be considered, they and not him, the danger for the Church, this truly is beyond the pale.



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  1. “I seem to understand, from blog posts I read around, that the problem of Traditionalists harshly criticising the Pope would be that they bring other Catholics outside of the Church.”

    Mundy, have you any clue as to the number of souls God is saving/rescuing by using you and your blog?

    No, I don’t know either but I’m guessing it’s more than just one (mine). Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • Oh, I am far less optimistic on that.
      I see myself merely as a, as the word says, “facilitator”.
      Those who come to the right view do so themselves, helped by God’s grace.
      Mostly, though, I think I only help the fighting troops with fresh deliveries of ammunition.
      I aspire to be the weapon producer. .
      The readers will, then, be those who use them.

  2. It is our duty to mitigate the enormous scandal given by the current pope by explaining to the misled, the naive, the uninformed, that the pope cannot change the tenets of the Faith or the moral law no matter how he might constantly purport to by what he says and how he behaves.

  3. Come on now Mundabor. Where is your mercy? Where is your sense of gradualism? My wife and son-in-law are converts to Catholicism. Had I known what I know now, I would have encouraged their beliefs and left them alone in their own false religion in their attempts to reach Heaven. I mean they surely must have had a sincere heart and doing the best they could. Why did I interfere? Also while I am at it, one must never tamper with Invincible ignorance. I must have been out of touch with the Church of no ruffled feathers and nicety at all costs. Mundy, you probably did not even know that Hitler loved his dog ( check your history book) and therefore he most definitely had great gifts to bring to the world stage.

    This post is brought to you by the National Headquarters for Sarcasm……….. like we need your support


    • Of course I know!
      Blondie is an institution in Germany! Dogs are called after her! Satnavs are nicknames after her!
      A pity she had to die because the bastard did not want her to survive to him.

      As to you, a big tut-tut to you, of course.
      By converting your wife and son in law, you have now put them at the mercy of a very harsh, judgmental religion. If you had left them in their invincible ignorance their ass would, most certainly, have been saved, because hey, Jesus saves all, bar mafiosi and traditionalists.



  4. Well…it depends. I mean, for some reason I think that you, Mundabor, have the authority to speak like you do. But i don´t let others do it. I just don´t listen to them. Why? Maybe is because they put themselves and their anger in the center. May be that. And i give you a bona fide pass.
    On the other hand I think there is a gradual path between Voris and Mundabr. Maybe some peope needs to first open their eyes with Voris, and then be ready to read this blog. In fact, it was my own case.

    • One will always, in life, have to decide whether one’s anger is righteous anger or selfish bickering. It gors, by the way, in every aspect of life. But I truly wish that there were many more blogs like mine. I can, though, happily report that I have noticed, in the last months, many journalists and bloggers adopt tones that I do not think they would have adopted before.
      The angry blogger also paves the way, encourages others, who feel the same anger, to express it.
      As to Voris, I am pretty sure he considers me a “spiritual pornographer”. I am, therefore, not entirely sure he would be glad at reading that you have come to me through him…
      but whilst the entire truth said with half the energy can still be very fine, half the truth will never be fine.

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