The Wrath Of Christ

The joy troops are those at the bottom...

I have heard many Catholics – priest and laity – speak about spreading the “joy of Christ”, or launching easy slogans like “Jesus is Joy”. Not one of them – priest or lay – ever made to me the impression that he could ever convert anyone truly interested in his own salvation, rather than mere fun. If anyone were to embrace Catholicism based on that, let me tell you he will be bitterly disappointed.

I can't hear anymore how, in a society focused of fun and self-satisfaction, Catholicism is presented as a dispenser of the same stupid surrogates of happiness most people are already actively looking for outside of it. In this “joy” thing there is – there must be, in these stupid times of ours – an implicit promise of something for nothing. This becomes very evident in the words of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH, if you are new to this blog), who always talks of Christ as if He were simply giving to us, and never asking of us; but it is also rather transparent in your typical Novus-Ordo “homily for all the family”, in which sin or punishment are never mentioned lest it should cloud the sunny Sunday morning of the pewsitters, in which everyone drives home to his Sunday lunch feeling so astonishingly good.

Well, I beg to disagree.

I think that in this day and age, every unqualified talk of “joy” smacks so much of Disneyland, that it should be carefully avoided unless it is put in the proper context. A world that does not fear hell will never put joy in the context of Salvation. Rather, it will put it in the context of quality of life. A big, big mistake, because a properly formed Catholic conscience will give one fears, and pangs of remorse, utterly unknown to, say, the rosewater mainstream, “I think I believe in God”-Anglican. This ex-Anglican convert will also discover that many things he thoughts harmless aren't harmless at all, and he is not allowed to skip Mass. Not even then, when he goes around “spreading the joy of Christ” instead.

This “joy” thing is, in the present world, nothing more than deception. It is marketing under false pretences. It encourages a wrong thinking that infects even those who should know better, and who profit from it to willfully ignore their own grave sinfulness because hey, they “spread the joy”.

If you ask me, every discussion about Catholicism, and every attempt at conversion, must begin with hell. Hell, and nothing else, is the reason why we are Catholics, then if there were no hell I would enthusiastically chase skirt for all I'm worth, and every consideration about what Catholicism says of it would be a gentle suggestion – but hey, God is luv, right? – at best.

My reason for being Catholic is hell, not joy. My fear of hell, not this promised Disneyland of the nuCatholics, is why I remain Catholic. The harshest truths on the planet are the very foundation of the only true religion of the planet. Christ died for me on the Cross, so I can go on doing what I please, because Cool Bearded Guy takes care of me anyway. You can't even begin to talk about Catholicism without mentioning those harsh truths; because if the world is the merry-go-round with guaranteed happy ending peddled by Francis and by all those modern apostles of joy, there is no reason whatever to go through life full of “Catholic guilt” (also called sanity, and fear of the Lord) and encumbered with all those prohibitions to do, and obligations to do, that are everywhere in the life of a Catholic.

Forget the talk of the “Joy of Christ”, at least until the planet has forgotten what it really means.

Focus on the Wrath of Christ instead.

It may be less pleasant, but it is far more salutary.



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  1. A yes!…. and for example this is why the seventh gift of the Holy Ghost is fear of the Lord. In Proverbs we hear that “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” It is no coincidence in the Novus Ordo Epistle or Gospel readings EVERY time you see: ” for a shorter version please omit the passages in parenthesis” the reading completely changes the message of Jesus to only joy and never the consequences in what is omitted by not reading the full context of the message(s). You never see this dilution in the Latin Mass.



  2. I once pointed out to Fr. Barron (who says that ‘we may reasonably hope that all men are saved’) that Our Lady of Fatima said that ‘many souls go to hell..’. He replied personally saying that the Church does not teach that anyone is in hell and Church teaching supersedes private revelation (agreed). However, I pointed out that, although the Church does not teach that anyone is in hell, she doesn’t teach that many millions are not there either and so Our Lady is not contradicting the Church, merely clarifying. He was unconvinced (unsurprisingly).

    Years ago, I watched an Anglican clergyman on TV say something like – I am not as merciful as God and I couldn’t condemn anyone to hell and so obviously He can’t – unfortunately this excuse for logic has also seduced many priestly souls in the Church of God. Our Lady of Fatima, help us.

    • I do not know to what strange religion Father Barron belongs. Christianity it ain’t.
      It is unspeakably arrogant even to begin to believe that the Church got the point wrong these two thousand years.

  3. Right on with the seventh gift of the Holy Ghost! Everyone has forgotten it. Wisdom, heh?No wonder everyone is just plain stupid!

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