If I Were To Found My Own Church….

A man who shouldn't be Cardinal...

… I would feel, actually, a blasphemer. This, for the simple reason that I am not God, and God already found His own Church on Christ. So no, I could never even think of something like that.

I know it's obvious. But Cardinal O'Malley did not say it, so I will have to.

Of course one could, in a joking manner, make the absurd argument. “Hey”, he might say, “these are not my rules. They are God's rules. If you don't like them, complain by him!”. Or: “hey, these are not my rules. If it depended on me, I would make chocolate a remedy against cholesterine!” Statements like this only declare, in a joking manner, that we know nothing, and are prone to sin. They are fine in the proper context.

The problem with Cardinal O'Malley, though, is that he created the wrong context, and he gave entirely the wrong perception. Firstly, by choosing to say “I would love to have women priests” he touched a taboo, making a comparison that he knew would be easily misunderstood, and which smacks of political correctness on the cheap. Secondly, he did not add the necessary caveat, adding to his words an expression like “but I would be the biggest idiot on earth only if I thought to do so, because God has already founded His own Church, which is the only one”, or “but only a cretin can think that he knows better than God, and what whatever God states cannot be improved upon, and we accept it instead of discussing it; otherwise we aren't Catholics, but heretics and idiots”.

Instead, the Cardinal chose a different, very arrogant approach. The message he sends is more like “I feel with you rabid feminists, and humanly speaking I cannot avoid thinking that you are right. Embarrassingly enough, Jesus differs. But Jesus cannot be wrong so hey, we'll have to live with this embarrassment; one we can't humanly understand or justify in any other way than by stating that it comes from Him so there must be something right in it”.

Come on, Your Grace. You can't fool us on this one.

I could now, for the edification of the Cardinal, write not one but several blog posts explaining why it is the greatest blessing that women cannot be priests. But as I am pretty sure he knows all already much better than I do – being more than a couple of springs more seasoned than I am – I will let it be for today; safe in the knowledge that the man wanted to pander to the world, hiding behind the finger of “for some reason, Jesus chose that way, so let's bear this burden with Christian resignation”.

This is not one who defends Christ. Rather, he is one who says he does not understand Christ's apparent misogyny, but he deals with it in obedience.

Not much of a Cardinal, this one.



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  1. How can this lost man love Our Lord? I too am utterly grateful that women are not priests…can you imagine the emo and people pleasing? It’s bad enough with the effeminate clergy doing this. I wouldn’t be surprised if all this insanity started with women being given the right to vote. Once you mock God and rearrange His perfect and divine plan for humanity i.e. that men lead, then this disaster of a culture is what you get. As a woman, I would love to return to a God ordered society with men leading in all areas and women serving them, others and guiding/forming young souls. God bless you Mundy:+)

    • “can you imagine the emo and people pleasing?”


      And yes, when we look at it dispassionately, it applies to other fields in life, too. Where I come from, women were not allowed to be judges, and for exactly the same reasons; reasons, mind, well seen by women first, who would have much preferred to have a man sitting on the bench, and said so.

      It applies to other sections of society, too. If women had not been given the vote, I very much doubt we would have abortion legislation anywhere in the West.

      Just saying…


  2. Card. O’Malley, Card. Kasper and Card. Dolan to me are three peas in a pod, who think and act along parallel lines of thought, each in his own area of expertise. Here’s what I wrote of his statement: http://hector1088.blogspot.com/2014/11/god-is-love-in-all-forms-catholic.html

  3. Mundabor, living in his Archdiocese I can assure you that his recent statements are typical. This is the prelate who sat quietly and allowed the Kennedy mob to perform a secular canonization of Ted Kennedy during his “Rite of Christian Burial”. Just this month at another funeral “Cardinal Sean” promoted deceased pro-abort, anti-family, pro-homosexual Mayor Tom Menino as an example of an exemplary Catholic in public life. “Cardinal Sean” runs his chancery as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Left wing of the Democratic party. He spends enormous sums on PR hacks that made their mark in Democratic politics. Of course he is also a close friend and advisor of Bergoglio. O’Malley epitomizes the weak and worldly clericalist who prostrates before Mammon. He is working tirelessly to bring the RC Church along with him into the secularist fog. The anti-Catholic media never fails to describe him as “orthodox”. They build him up as a false representative of orthodoxy in order to help him promote their secularist agenda. The cardinal knows where his bread is buttered, he helped launch the media’s newest effort to deconstruct the Faith—the odious, Boston Globe propaganda arm “the Crux”.

    • May I answer to this that as long as the archdiocese has well educated, eloquent, intelligent, perceptive faithful like you, the job of destruction of the Cardinal will never be an easy one.

  4. This prince of the Church has lost the Faith, lost the fear of God. He ought to be honest and leave his ministry, and the Church, explicitly. He is an enemy of Our Lord and His Holy Church.

  5. The degradation of the deposit of Church teaching proceeds apace by the shepherds. How can they be so blind !? They’re just rushing headlong into some perceived Protestanesque utopia.

  6. Today (November 21st) Rorate features the eloquent response of a priest to a woman totally bewildered by the inanity emitting from Cardinal O’malley’s lips. I too am despondent over the wretchedness of so many shepherds. It’s not rocket science to explain why women cannot be priests. If you are spat upon for saying why, know that this is what Jesus foretold. Also, some people will get it, for some it may be food for thought, so there is a measure of teaching the uncatechised. Why the cravenness to please the hostile pagans?

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