Let Us Not Be Afraid Of The “H” Word!

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The picture of this Papacy.

I never tire to repeat that the misguided and deluded “sensitivity” of a world obsessed with “niceness” (“you brood of vipers!” How nice is that?) is what made the advance of the sodomites possible in the first place.

Words are weapons. A powerful barrage of clear, unmistakeable condemnation will always have a devastating effect of the enemy troops. It is only when the defences are down and the enemy is suddenly treated with respect, “sensitivity”, and even reverence that his advance is not only made possible, but helped every step of the way; helped in his march of conquest, in fact, by the very sissified army that should actually shoot at him.

If you want to fight sexual perversion, you must call it with its own name. If you do not dare to call it with its own name, you do not really want to…

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  1. Another “H” word that we should not be afraid of, being called, is Hateful for espousing unpopular Catholic morality.

  2. Did you, by chance, see the recent L’Osservatore Romano interview with Cardinal Müller? To my pleasant surprise, he actually used the “H” word.


    Unless I’m missing something key, this sets a rather positive precedent. The “H” word is officially back in circulation.

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