Now It’s official: Francis Hates You.

Similia similibus sulvuntur

EDIT: Reblogged with exact quote and link to persuade those who do not believe unless they see a link and a direct quote.  

 “Am I one of these Christians of appearances? Am I alive inside, do I have a spiritual life? Do I hear the Holy Spirit, do I listen to the Holy Spirit, do I move forward, or …? But, if everything looks good, I have nothing to reproach myself about: I have a good family, people do not gossip about me, I have everything I need, I married in church …I am ‘in the grace of God’, I am alright. Appearances! Christians of appearance … they are dead! Instead [we must] seek something alive within ourselves, and with memory and vigilance, reinvigorate this so we can move forward. Convert: from appearances to reality. From being neither hot nor cold to fervour”.

Yes, you. You, the good wife, the good husband. You who marry in church, you who pray the rosary. You, Sir, are his enemy.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) continues to sabotage Catholicism. I begin to think his hatred for good Catholics is so strong that he cannot refrain from making snide remarks against them even if he tries to hold his tongue. This, or grappa plays a role.

Now, not even good Catholics with well-ordered lives, no mortal sin on their conscience and married in church are fine. Francis, the man who orders to give sacrilegious communion to 80% of the communicants in the slum, suggests many of those good Catholics must be “dead” inside. The concubines in the slum, the transvestite, the faggot priests – see his buddy – they are all fine.

Dead inside? If he wants to see one, the only thing this man need is a mirror.

Whatever kind of sinner you are – homosexual, concubine, thief – this Pope will like you a lot. But start to live a Catholic life, and his hatred for you will be impossible to contain.

I can’t avoid thinking this Pope has such a visceral hatred for Catholics he lashes out against them even if he knows he should be far more careful. It’s just beyond his control.

He has hated good Catholics all his life. To him, they are hypocrites. He must be so rotten inside, that he has forgotten what a sincere heart is.

But you, you be a dirty soul instead. Possibly a pervert.

He will see his own dirt in you, and will like you immediately.




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  1. Francis “dialogues” with faithful Catholics…

    • I think this is a honest mistake.
      Most people outside of the anglo saxon world do not know the meaning of that sign, and think it is the “victory” sign.

    • Yes, you’re right of course – just a little levity there. He was in fact signalling for two passengers to join him on the “popemobile”. The image appeals to me, all the same..

  2. Dear Mundabor,
    Last March, the MSM went “bonkers” over the Pope’s “confession” to a group of priests, that he stole a rosary-cross off the dead body of “the Great Confessor” of Buenos Aires” while putting roses in the casket. The details explain why he sees himself as merciful, and possibly also a prophet.
    As Francis put it, “And immediately there came to mind the thief we all have inside ourselves and while I arranged the flowers I took the cross and with just a bit of force I removed it,” “”And in that moment I looked at him and I said ‘Give me half your mercy.’ He said he keeps the cross in a little pouch under his cassock, “And whenever a bad thought comes to mind about someone, my hand goes here, always,”(gesturing to his heart). “And I feel the grace, and that makes me feel better.”
    We don’t relate to “the theif inside”, or being tempted to steal, much less jerking a rosary from the stiffened hands of a priest’s corpse. “Give me half your mercy” -reminds us of the prophet Elisha’s parting request to Elijah for double his spirit and power, but that wasn’t made while in the act of breaking the 7th commandment. This apparent lack of remorse, makes publicizing it a further scandal. Why would God bless such evil, by granting his request?. He’s mentioned no reparation attempt- even to return the stolen object to whomever would have inherited the priests belongings, for example; but announces he “keeps” the stolen cross next to his heart, and “touches it” when he is tempted to sin, which makes him “feel better”.
    This is definitely not the story of the good thief. And this blessed object, a rosary, was turned into a talisman-and memento of unrepented sin, that will more likely keep him in touch with the devil, than with God , both in general, and in moments of temptation to anger, explaining, perhaps, his gross misapplications of the virtue of mercy, and his ego..

  3. This papacy is diabolically disoriented. Lord, save us!!!

  4. Hates Catholics, despises authentic Catholicism, makes war on good priests and seminarians, left previous diocese in ruins, refuses to live in Vatican apartments, bounces beach balls off of tabernacles for fun, reminds one of the Emperor Caligula in his administration of the Vatican, (with apologies to Caligula). If this guy didn’t hate me I’d say I wasn’t doing my job.

  5. I have this feeling that he hates me, not as a person, but because I am a Catholic, believing and worshiping the way my ancestors did from the arrival of the Spaniards here down to the early 60’s.


  6. If he hates Catholics who try to live their Faith, then he hates our Lord, Jesus Christ who commanded us to live by His word.

    At this point, I’m happy if Bergoglio’s disdain for Catholicism becomes more apparent to those people (whether Catholic or not) who are still sitting on the fence about this man. It may make them think about what the faithful Catholic remnant has been saying about the church for the last 60 years.

    Also, rather than calling Bergoglio TMAHICH, perhaps a more appropriate moniker is Captain Demento of the Church of the Unholy Convergence.

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