“Gay Icon” Arrested For Pedophilia. Mass Media Ignore It.

Dangerous faggots

Mister (or Miss) Terry Bean, one of the most profiled men of the Perverts' Movement in the US, has been arrested with the very credible accusation of sodomising minors.

This… girl is one of the best known, and most celebrated, Fag Icons in the United States, and a founder of the biggest Fag Group in the land. He is also a darling of the Democratic Party: Al Gore allegedly called him “his friend”, and he was the biggest fundraiser for Obama in Oregon. Photos of him and the Fag President are also around. Birds of a feather, as they say…

You can comfortably say this is the equivalent of a US Cardinal, or of a very prestigious archbishop, in the “fag movement”.

His arrest has been, up to now, ignored by the mass media. Can you imagine the mess that would have exploded if a US Cardinal or Archbishop had been arrested with the same accusations? The wave of excited indignation? The mocking and gloating? The tidal wave if insults?

But no. This here is a fag.

Better shut up, then.



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  1. When I speak of the barren wasteland that is the West Coast USA, this character is an example of what I mean. Our local newspaper was quick to remind us that we ‘shouldn’t believe everything bad that we read in other, alternative papers’ (we have a hippy-era investigative paper that has been tattling on him for months). He’s just a really nice person. And then they remind us of his greatest ‘act’: being the single biggest donor in our state for our wonderful president, as well as being a ‘civil (gay) rights’ activist. The trans-something barroom ‘entertainer’ and his chorus line—one couldn’t possibly guess their genders–is also very popular in Portland society. There is a bumper sticker in my town: Keep Portland Weird. I insist that there is absolutely no work needed to keep it weird, and it’s actually gone past weird, whatever that may be… It will be interesting to see how he is delicately let off the hook by our very just justice system.

    • To Mary K.: Use of the word “gender” buttresses the ideology. “One couldn’t possiby guess their sex” sound infinitely more traditional and sane. Don’t adopt the language of the ideologues!

    • I am guilty of the sex mistake (in the past). I though “gender” is just a synonymous of “sex”. I was corrected 😉


  2. Yes, many a west coast/Intermountain town embraces the edgy. You see more coexist bumper stickers here than elsewhere. All the more reason to purchase Louie Verrecchio’s “convert to the holy, Roman Catholic Church” bumper sticker as a foil to the insanity. $2 each. Available through his blog.

  3. No surprise here. It is innate in the homo psyche to want to rape boys. I wouldn’t be shocked if the amount of homo man rape on boys is as frequent as a pig rolling in mud. Of course the liberal media, government and church want to portray homos as some cutesy and harmless fashion mavens while they are really demons prowling about to destroy young males.

    • And now that they can “adopt” children, a catastrophe of imaginable proportions is upon us, as countless pedophiles will, naturally, find it very easy to “adopt”.

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