Why We Need To Hear More “P” Words.



The defence of Catholic teaching in matters of homosexual perversion – heard from many corners since October – is certainly encouraging. Still, one cannot but notice one feature typical of all or almost all the interventions: the extreme reluctance to call homosexuality a “sexual perversion”.

Whilst there are not a few prelates who would use words like “intrinsically disordered” – which amounts to the same but said in a way most people will not fully understand – when it is about really making an impact, most of our prelates balk at the “p” word.

This leaves the public in a strange limbo, as they are told that homosexuality is wrong, but they aren’t really told why. Not, at least, in a way that drives the point home.

I am sure a lot of Catholics begin to think the Church condemns homosexuality for some reason that we will never fully grasp, but register it (for now at least) as fact. Apart from the perversion of healthy thinking such a thinking betrays, it makes dissent not all too difficult; actually, it invites it, because when things are not properly explained trouble can never be far away.

Perversion is a simple concept to understand: the thinking of someone whose sexual desire goes in the wrong (per; as in perjury) direction (versio; as in conversion). This is so, as every simple mind understands, irrespective of the person acting on his perversion, or not. The pedophile is a pedophile because he lusts after children; he does not begin to be a pedophile only when he rapes a child. The perversion is there before the action. The action – or the mindset – is particularly grave because it goes – other than, say, gluttony – against what the natural desire should be. Gluttony is the result of a god-given desire gone out of control. Perversion is a desire that must not be there in the first place.

When you put the issue in these simple words, it becomes easier for the faithful to understand the intrinsic depravity of homosexuality. If you keep talking of something “God does not want” without qualifications you are muddling the waters, because gluttony or fornication do not go frontally against the way we are built, but homosexuality, incest or pedophilia do. We also know that even mortal sins have different degrees of gravity; therefore, to invoke the fact that gluttony can induce a man to mortal sin does not help, either.

Clarity is the only way. Pussyfooting around doesn’t help anyone. Let the church abandon the concept of homosexuality as perversion, and your children will be – when sufficiently perverted in their reasoning – unable to understand what the fuss is all about. Hey, they remember when they stole from the cookie jar. That can be a mortal sin too, no?

We need more prelates and simple priests able and willing to pronounce the “p” word instead of using more or less indirect expressions, lacking in clarity and forcefulness even when they do not lack in meaning. We must not allow political correctness to prevent us from clearly expressing what the Church believes. Our shepherds should be the first to tell the truth whole, lest the real message (it’s a sexual perversion) goes lost in the pussyfooting (“God says he’d really like you not to; why it is so beats me, but hey…”).

Clarity creates clear alternatives and demands clear choices. “The Church says homosexuality is a perversion. No, really. This is what the Church believes. What do you say?”

Ten years of this, and things will change radically.

Nothing of this, and I see persecution coming.




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  1. You’re absolutely right. The prelates apologize for Catholic doctrine, and the perverts become more and more militant.

  2. Mundabor, for your information: I just saw this article on yahoo; it is from the Christian Science Monitor and provides an antidote to the praise that Catholic News Service (which is under the US bishops) will most likely offer the wandering Pontiff:


    • Funny guy, Erdogan. He complains about “Islamophobia” and the reinforces the West in the opinion that Islam is the sum of a bunch of dangerous brainless fanatics.

  3. « … We need more prelates and simple priests able and willing to pronounce the “p” word instead of using more or less indirect expressions … »

    There is a simple priest who is just doing this : Father Michael Rodriguez ; see the video « The Real Truth About Homosexuality »

    As a reward for this (and his whole preaching) he has been obliged by his bishop to take a sabbatical for an uncertain time (don’t think it will be over in six months, except a miracle). There is a Novena going on to help Fr Rodriguez by our prayers :

    Click to access Novena-2014-Christmas.pdf

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

  4. I think you won’t mind if I use your posting here in my Bible study class today, and I thank you for it . We have studied Father (Father-in-Faith) Abraham and have moved on now to Lot in Sodom. My class truly thought it was the victims that were crying out to Heaven, not the wickedness of the sin itself. In this media age, our minds are filled with phrases and slogans, most of which cover up the real issue, or, more importantly, serve to prevent deeper thinking about the issue. Your posting helps gets right to the point, that it is a perversion of God’s goodness intended for us. Such sin is an offense to God, and is a direct and deliberate rejection of Him.

    • Thanks.
      What – astonishingly – your class believed is just another sign of what point we have reached in the obliteration of basic Christianity.

  5. But Mundabor, Mundobor … to use such direct language causes pain, upset and is so unloving !

    These poor souls have to be embraced and welcomed by the Church; not made to feel like lepers and sinners. You are being mean spirited. They are doing their best with the Cross they have to carry. We must make some allowance, surely? Let them stay with their ‘partners’ and try to resist sin – even if they still share the same bed and fall from grace every week – or even three or four times a week. Who are we to judge? They can go to Confession on Saturday, admit their weakness, then receive Holy Communion on Sunday and, having made a fresh start, carry on the next week.

    Since Vatican II, repentance and a firm resolution to sin no more or to avoid occasions where one would be likely to give into sin, has been tempered with Mercy. You must know this?
    Deliberate and complete consent, sufficiently for it to be deliberate and a personal choice, is needed. It’s not a question of following rules anymore. How can they resist such temptation?

    What’s that, you say? Harness of heart increases the voluntary character of sin? Err …. Knowing it’s a sin and placing oneself in a near occasion of sin is sin in itself? Err …. Sometimes a Priest has to be brutally honest about consequences and withhold absolution and access to the Eucharist? Err …..

    Is there really such a thing as grievous, mortal sin in 2014?

    • I followed you up to the last part, and was amazed at the new perspective of mercy that you had opened to my Neo-Pelagian mind.

      But then I lost you… I lost you!!

      So… so… so… un-pastoral!


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