That’s It! I Give Up! (Not Really…)

Attention Whore? You don’t say?

Not for the first time, one is overwhelmed from the sheer amount of populism, stupidity, and utter heresy coming out of the mouth of this amateur Pope.

Some days ago he threw around generic statements about everyone belonging to the Church being saved (isn’t he awfully nice, this Pope? So generous!). I wanted to write about it, but then the other bomb in Turkey exploded. Actually a very big one, accompanied by minor explosions concerning the usual stupid things Francis always does and says.

I wonder whether I should rename this blog “TMAHICH: Chronicles Of A Horrible Papacy”; but then I reflect a Catholic blog should always be about more than the latest utterances of a subversive Pontiff, and even in matters of Franciscan insanity should pay attention to the broader view, rather than to the single fact.

Therefore, I will now have to choose whether the Black Friday Salvation Sale or the “Bless us, Schismatics, because we are the True Church” gets my attention. This, of course, unless in the meantime Pope Dope comes along with some other statement about, I don’t know, prostitutes being the salt of the earth, thieves being a wonderful example of Catholicism, and people who don’t prostitute themselves and don’t steal being dead inside, or something like that…

I will, therefore, not give up. Just bear with me if I can’t report about everything. It is safer for you to assume that for every major piece of nonsense I write about, TMAHICH has uttered somewhere between two and four if you put everything together (from the outright blasphemy to the shameless populism, and from his excursions in the realms of economics to his immigration policies, and scientific beliefs).

In all this mess, though, there seems to be a sort of silver lining: it cannot be doubted that the secular world out there pays less and less attention to the man, now more and more broadly regarded as an old nincompoop with no clue by the atheist mass media and the binge drinking masses.

This Pope has always been an attention whore, but his whoring seems to become bigger as the degree of attention he gets decreases. One and a half year ago, washing the feet of infidels and women caused a huge uproar. Nowadays, accusing the US of “State Terrorism” (which he did; though obviously the Jesuit way, as “who am I to judge” and everything else) barely registers on the boredom scale.

It will, I am afraid, get worse before it gets better, because whoring even more is what the attention whore does when she does not get the desired attention. But at some point, even this bonehead might understand that the public isn’t applauding, and might be persuaded to avoid making as ass of himself as much as he can.

He has 100% Italian DNA.

Boy, I am ashamed.



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  1. I was a-wondering when you’d rue the shared Italian genes with ol’ Bergoglio. We all have our crosses to bear..the Germans with Luther and Kasper, the Austrians with Hitler, the English with Chamberlain, the Russians with Stalin, the Norwegians with Quisling, and the Poles and Italians with Liberace!

  2. No need to be ashamed Mundabor, Italians are 100% human and just as inclined to error as anyone not moored by Catholic truth, but who am I to judge.

  3. I sympathise regarding Pope Francis being Italian. Shamefully, for me, a great many of the greatest heretics and apostates among the hierarchy have a great amount of Irish blood.

  4. In these times of an almost unprecedented assault of lies upon Truth, the Apocalypse is morale-boosting. ‘In those days’, the Faithful were under the likes of Nero and Domitian. All an ecumenical ‘Christian’ had to do was light a little incense to the ‘gods’ and to Cesare, as the head of them, and then go happily on his way to believe whatever he would (even in Christ as Lord). There was a singular reason why our early ancestors in the Faith preferred to cast off this ‘mortal coil’ by the most unpleasant means than acquiese; love of Christ – the Truth – and their immortal souls, for which He died. The Angel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, witnessed by St John (Apocalypse) continually encourages us to hold fast to the Faith so that we may receive the rewards of ‘the one who conquers’ (lies/’ecumenism’). Our Lord commends and encourages us under trial, uplifting us – telling us not to lose Faith in the time of battle, not to let go of Truth, but to hold fast. If our shepherds/hirelings are too evil or ignorant to know this, we are not.

  5. What’s wrong with the Italian?
    Many Saints & some great Popes are Italian too….

  6. LOL, agree with the bad apple, Mr. Mundabor…but it’s pretty ironic that the bad apple become our shepherd 😦
    Mr, do you believe in a saying that every Popes since V2 (St John XXIII until now, & include Pope Benedict XVI) are evil Popes?
    I sometimes read on articles saying such a think…unbelieveable & confusing me..

    • No.
      I find it evil to say so.
      If anyone thinks so, Sedevacantism can’t be far away, because JPII is canonised.
      I think they were a mixture of good faith, weakness, pious hope, cowardice, and stupidity.
      But evil (as in: intrinsically bad, and willfully desiring the bad of the Church)? No.
      Before Francis, that is.

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