Little Groups, And Sickening Popes

So peaceful...

During his recent visit to Turkey, Francis said and did a lot of rubbish. More, actually, that your humble correspondent could find the time to report. But one thing he said, that deserves some reflections.

Francis said that it is wrong to equate Islam with terrorism, because terrorism like the one of the ISIS is just the product of “little groups”. But “[we all] have these little groups”, he said, making the example of… Christian Fundamentalists.

This is so wrong, it is outright sick. But then again Francis is a sick mind, so this is par for the course. So let us instruct this man about a handful of very basic facts.

1. Christian Fundamentalists do not go around mass murdering people of other religions and atrociously oppressing – when they leave them alive – those of their own.

2. It truly needs a madman to make such a comparison. It is as if I were to say “yeah, some Nazis have staged the Holocaust; but look, we have the Jesuits! Everyone has these little groups!” Whilst he downplays the evil of the ones, Francis insults the others in the most grievous way.

3. Christian Fundamentalists are, by and large, all heretics, and wrong in more than a couple of very important things. But the one who equates the work of sincere, if misguided, Christians to the work of even good infidels certainly has forgotten Christ. When one, as Francis, even equates them to extremely cruel infidels, then this is, again, sickening.

4. ISIS is not a “little group”. It is an army strong enough to create a quasi-State. Islam is the only religion able to produce atrocity of this kind. I know of no other religion able to cause a mass madness of this intensity and scale.

Other considerations can certainly be made. This man talks such nonsense that even a few words are wrong from many angles. He truly can't open his mouth without revealing the utterly corrupted mind that lies behind.

To think that this here is the man who should act as a beacon of Truth and source of inspiration worldwide! He goes around promoting Islam as “religion of peace” and downplaying mass murder instead, even as he accuses the Western powers – USA on top – who fight this atrocious evil of committing “state terrorism” instead.

No, let us say it once again:

This here is a sickening Pope.


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  1. Mundy, I’m glad you called baloney on the misuse of the word fundamentalist. The idiots who misuse this word don’t seem to understand that it correctly refers to a subset on Protestants who were fighting the advance of liberalism in their denominations. Now days it’s dishonestly used by liberals and leftists as a putdown for anyone who holds to traditional Christian morality and faith.

    • If I were a Proddie – God forbid! – I would be a fundamentalist.

      Wrong as they are, boy, those people take it seriously. Give me one of them to ten Cardinal Nichols every day.


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