The Page “Heretical Popes” Is Up

As promised, the page “Heretical Pope” is now up and running. You will find it (for now: they are alphabetically ordered) on the right top hand corner of the site. 

Two links are there for the time being, leading to blog posts with a total of five “Remnant” articles on the matter.

The page will, I hope, be used as reference whenever the topic in your circle revolves around, on both extremes, Pollyann-ism and Sedevacantism.

New material will be added in future if considered apposite.

My hope is that the creation of an extra “page” (WordPress calls “pages” the fixed ones at the top) dedicated to “Heretical Popes” will attract the attention of many a newcomer, and instantly convey to him the message that he has been told a lot of rubbish up to now. Which he undoubtedly has. 

Therefore, say “hello” to the new page, and let’s hope that this will be another small contribution to sanity. 

As they say: brick by brick…



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  1. Very useful. Thank you.

  2. There isn’t a link to Robert Siscoe’s March 2013 three-part essay on Sedevacantism and the Manifest Heretic.

    Also, when I clicked on the link to The Remnant articles, I got an “Error 404” message.

    • Thanks, Linda, I’ll look at it soon.

      EDIT: I have checked, and all seems to work perfectly.
      I do not know much about these things, but I would say that either the server of the “Remnant” was down, or there is some technical issue with your browser.


  3. Mundabor, Ain’t bergoglio the “olio di ricino” wich God uses to punish us..?

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