The Past And The Future

Yes: the buffoon on the right was a Jesuit.

Messa in Latino has an interesting blog post about a property in Limerick, Ireland.

In short, a dying Jesuit order sells the church to a developer. They plan to make of it a swimming pool/spa (but this did not bother the Jesuits one bit, I suppose).

The developer gets into troubled waters, and obviously the great crisis comes. The plans are put on ice.

In 2012, the church is sold to… the Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest.

They restructure the place and make of it a thriving Catholic church. Tridentine Mass every day.

Take that, Jorge.

One wonders how many churches are sold by dying potheads without caring for alternative Catholic uses, or deliberately ignoring them. Particularly so, when the potential buyer would be a Traditionalist or semi-Traditionalist order.

Better a spa, then. Very probably there is also more money to be made. Unless, that is, sound Catholic forces end up rebuilding what the Jesuits potheads were destroying.

This, in turn, seems to me another example of the future of the Church. A Church that will probably go through terrible times as the Sixty-Eighters manage to ravage it for another decade or two; but which will in time see, at her roots, the sound Catholics take the upper hand as the bishop of the New Church Order die one after the other, and the liberals leave either aborted foetuses, or irreligious children.

The Jesuits are on their way to extinction, and not one day too soon. The Traditionalist orders – obviously including the crème de la crème, the SSPX – are all thriving. The church born of the implosion of New Church will be much smaller than the pothead orders of the Sixties; but she will be truly Catholic, and rich in zeal and vocations.

Wherever they install themselves, Traditionalist orders prosper. Orders leaning towards Traditionalism can have their growth stopped – temporarily, at least – only through brutal persecution.

This is a film we have already seen many times: a Church becoming stronger through clinging to her values or through sheer persecution, as Her enemies slowly sink to irrelevance, six feet under.

Providence at work.

Take that, Jorge.




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  1. ‘ The Remnant ‘ recently posted a leaked audio registration of a internal SSPX meeting , and the second Bishop in gerarchical order after Fellay lamented that the Brotherhood has lost 50 Priests in the latest years ( I don’t remember how many ). This is a sign that the lack of transmission of the Faith hit harder than many hoped , and that the effects of the ‘ spirit of the council ‘ infected a seemingly solid Catholic milieu . Some Catholic are ‘ recovering ‘ slowly from it ,although paradoxically the ‘ Francis’ true effect ‘ is helping not a few ( my family included ) to see the light and the Truth ,at last . I believe that most vocations of future generations will come from Africa and Asia . But you’re right , what concerns the western countries , the internet world shows that only small traditionalist groups are really thriving.The gerarchical power , however , will be in ‘ progressive ‘ hands for long , until , as you said , they will be all ‘ six feet under ‘ . Sometimes I ask myself :how high will be the level of resistance to ‘ the World ‘ and to the ‘ Bergoglian-Kasperian-Dolanite’s ‘ in the next 15 – 25 years , especially if they’ll choose the next one – two Popes ?

    • The SSPX is still growing fast, at least last time I looked (which is not long ago). That some of the growth should get lost for various reasons (I think the squabble with Williamson did not help; and the traditionalist orders within V II must tempt some) os unfortunate, but I think does not change the overall picture.

      As to the future, I trust that the Lord will not punish us so hard. God willing, Francis will be followed by sanity. I have the impression many a Cardinal is slapping himself in the face every day.


  2. God works in mysterious ways .
    Greetings on this feast of St Francis Xavier- who must be turning in his grave saying ” he is no Jesuit”.

  3. « … One wonders HOW MANY churches are sold by dying potheads without caring for alternative Catholic uses … »

    In France, one church per week, as told by a (serious) blog of which I don’t have the time to search after the link. The French (pothead) bishops ALWAYS agree, and the French (pothead) clergy also. Sometimes, some faithfulls try to raise funds in order to buy the church. For the moment, I have only one information of a success in this matter. Guess what : the SSXP acquired a little and beautiful church in the center of Paris about two years ago.

    But also : In 2013, millions of people in the streets (which is for free, « gratuit ») of Paris against homo-aberrancy, and how many of these millions tried to save a church (and pay some priests to celebrate there) by spending money ?

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    • But the fact is, those two millions come from all over France, and probably are largely attending in some beautiful parish already.

      They will not fork to allow “Pere Faggot” to go on with his crap. They will rather support those institutions which, then, will be able to buy the best among those churches.

      What grates me is the sneaking suspicion that even if the Jesuits were able to sell to the SSPX, they would prefer the swimming pool instead…


  4. Recently, here in the US, a similar thing happened. The original buyer’s plans or funding fell through, and he sold a Catholic church to the SSPX. The bishop was furious and he sent a letter to be read at all of his churches, that people could in no way attend or support the SSPX Masses. I hate to repeat a worn out word, but diabolical is what this attitude is. That bishop would have preferred condos, or whatever. I’m sorry I can’t remember the location, as it was fairly recent.

    • This happened in Pennsylvania. A string of very providential events took place and the SSPX found a wonderful old Catholic Church. I read about it on their USA website. It really is quite something the hostility they continue to encounter from the diocese.

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