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In The Bleak Midwinter

Cardinal Müller Throws In The “H” Word

Yes, Frankie: I am talking to you…


This is probably not the first time it happens, but it is indicative of the intention of some Cardinals not to allow Kasper and Francis to have their way.

The Eponymous Flower published yesterday a blog post about an interview to Cardinal Scola, in which the latter stated, very diplomatically, that he did not think Pope Francis would plunge the Church in a huge chaos, whilst unmistakable stating why it would be so.

Yesterday evening the same Eponymous Flower published a new a blog post about an interview to Cardinal Müller, who clearly states that… the separation of doctrine and praxis would be heresy.

Francis’ and Kasper’s ears must be whistling, because there can be no doubt about the target of Cardinal Müller’s statement.

Cardinal Müller is here very publicly drawing a line in the sand, and forbidding Cardinal Kasper and the Pope from crossing it. Yes, the Pope, as the Cardinal most certainly knows that the likes of Kasper and Marx are but pawns in the chess game Francis is playing.

It is good that, more than ten weeks after the disgraceful Synod, the “H”-word resounds from high quarters. It is a useful reminder to The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) about what will very probably happen if he were to go Castro on Church doctrine.

Kudos to Cardinal Müller, then. By all his theological shortcomings, this man shows that he does not fear conflict or demotion for the sake of the Church.





The Pope, The Fag, And The Swiss Guards

Darling, we have a problem...

The Pope has removed the head of the Swiss Guards and has sent him home for being… too much of a guard. He has also profited of the occasion to blame the man for his professionalism.

Yours truly is more than a tad cynical, and believes in Giulio Andreotti's quip, that “he who thinks badly of others commits a sin, but he is very often right”.

Let us, then, connect a couple of dots, and make a couple of hypotheses.

1. Francis feels safe enough in the Vatican. He doesn't like order, discipline, duty. He removes the head of the Swiss guard – who obviously like them – and feels good in the process. This is the “innocent” (stupid, but innocent) Francis.

2. Ricca & Co. Want more freedom to roam around at night, to get out and let people in. The rigid security of the Guards causes continuous problems by not allowing, or making a ruckus, everytime trannies and junkies should be allowed not only within the Leonine Walls, but even in the same building where the Pope lives. They refuse the homo junkies entry, and demand that the Pope authorises the entry. Ricca and his band of faggots get angry. The head of the guards is removed. This is the “accomplice of perverts” Francis.

3. Francis is fed up with the head of security obliging him to a rigid security standard. No going out at night among the assorted perverts for him. No tranny voyeurism. No smell of homosexual sheep. No plunging in that world of dirt, desperation, and corruption that seems to outright excite him. No questionable people inside, either. This cannot go on, can it now? Less rigidity! More freedom! Who the man thinks he is, a soldier? This is, in case you haven't got it, the pervert Francis.

These are just three possible scenarios. Feel free to make your own.


Before you think all this is unrealistic, reflect on this:

1. There were rumours of the Pope roaming the streets of Rome at night already. The Pope never denied. One like Benedict would have had strong words about it. One like Francis wants, at the very least, you to think he might do it. One wonders.

2. Swiss guards have already reported about the harassment from homosexual prelates within the very Leonine Walls.

3. The Pope lives under the very roof of a notorious faggot, and isn't fazed a bit.

4. It is known that several “gay saunas” are located in the immediate vicinity of the Vatican.

5. Whilst in and out of perverts certainly happened before, the Pope now living in the Domus Sanctae Marthae creates a very special security environment and very obvious security concerns. The edifice lies at the very boundaries of the Vatican City.

6. Many faggots have been killed from fag prostitutes wanting money from them. Pasolini is an example. Versace is another one. I certainly forget several others.


He who thinks badly of others commits a sin, but is very often right.

He who thinks badly of this Pope is merely connecting the dots.



Social Justice: A Video For Francis

The video below, courtesy of Restore DC Catholicism,  is a short but nice take on the abuse of the term “social justice”; an abuse of which the Disgrace in Chief is one of the most pernicious albeit, fortunately, most stupid proposers.

Unfortunately, the mentality nowadays has become so polluted (particularly in Europe) by Statism that only a tiny minority of Europeans will ever even question that it is the duty of the Government to proceed to a massive redistribution of income in the name of “social justice”. Pope Francis, who comes from a corner of the planet with a history of special stupidity in matters of economics, espouses this mentality, albeit he would – we are told – even prefer a sort of super state, as the modern Western states aren’t communist enough for him. This man talks and thinks worse than a kindergarten boy, and I doubt his grasp of economics even went beyond the latter’s. 

I do not need to tell my readers how all this is in contrast with the traditional, and sane, social doctrine of the Church; how it foments division and disorder as it encourages not only massive direct scrounging, but also the equally massive indirect scrounging of the formation of an immense bureaucracy meant to run the “social justice” machine; how it takes from God and gives to Big Nanny, to administer the immense amount of power thus entrusted to her. I do not need to explain it to my readers, but there’s no doubt my readers needs to talk of it and explain it to the vast mass of people – particularly in Europe – now completely sold to the socialist mantras.   

The poor will be always be us. Jesus said it, and if Francis knew the Gospel he would know it too. The answer is in charity, solidarity and mutual help, not in expropriation. And no, the riches of the rich do not belong to the poor. The poor can expect solidarity and charity (which must be deserved, too; to the ones who do not want to work, we will give no bread), but he has no specific right to any specific money of any specific person, nor has he the right that Big Nanny goes to forcibly take away from others so that he can have on his lap what has been expropriated to others.

The patrimony of the rich belong to the rich, in order for its fruit to be used in a Christian way and for them to be passed on to the next generation; which will also have to feel obliged to a good and Christian use of God’s grace. 

You don’t like it? Though luck. Blame Adam and Eve. But don’t worry, there’s a world of perfect justice awaiting you only one death away.

Life isn’t fair. Life is the fitness studio where we train for our salvation. To reject the greedy desire for the forced appropriation of the graces that God gave others is just part of our training. To yield to the expropriation mentality is to stuff oneself with sugar in the gym, and then complain one dies a diabetic.    

“Social justice” is synonymous with social envy, greed, laziness, and the excitement of all that is bad in the human nature.

Enjoy the video.


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Preferential… What?!

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No time for socialism: Pope Leo XIII

The appointment of a practicing Catholic clearly in favour of fiscal sanity for the position of Vice President should the US get a change from the… change will very probably cause a lot of discussions about the so-called “preferential option for the poor”. Let us, therefore, see a bit more in detail what this “preferential option” is, whether it can – once properly intended – teach us something new, whether it represents something in harmony with what the Church has always believed and, most importantly, whether lefties have any right to try to take Catholic social doctrine as hostage to push their own socialist agenda.

A rather clear (not easy to find: post -Vatican II documents are always such a senseless waffle…) definition of the “preferential option for the poor” is, in my eyes, this one:

As followers of Christ, we are…

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A Poor Prince?

Two Tongues For The Price Of One

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I am following, in the usual fashion (half terrified of the next bomb, half bored of the usual platitudes) Francis travel to Korea, where he is tirelessly promoting Francis and making clear he is not there to promote Christianity. 

One issue in particular stroke me as odd, even for the man.

One day he laments that poverty is rising, whilst the rich get even richer. I do not know whence he has the figures and if he is every worried by facts, but this is what he said.

The day after he is on record with saying that poverty is a treasure.   

Now: I was always told that poverty can certain help one to develop humility and avoid hell through that avenue. I am perfectly fine with that, and I think this corresponds to traditional Catholic thinking. But traditional Catholic thinking has also always been based on the serene acceptance…

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