Cardinal Müller Throws In The “H” Word

Yes, Frankie: I am talking to you…


This is probably not the first time it happens, but it is indicative of the intention of some Cardinals not to allow Kasper and Francis to have their way.

The Eponymous Flower published yesterday a blog post about an interview to Cardinal Scola, in which the latter stated, very diplomatically, that he did not think Pope Francis would plunge the Church in a huge chaos, whilst unmistakable stating why it would be so.

Yesterday evening the same Eponymous Flower published a new a blog post about an interview to Cardinal Müller, who clearly states that… the separation of doctrine and praxis would be heresy.

Francis’ and Kasper’s ears must be whistling, because there can be no doubt about the target of Cardinal Müller’s statement.

Cardinal Müller is here very publicly drawing a line in the sand, and forbidding Cardinal Kasper and the Pope from crossing it. Yes, the Pope, as the Cardinal most certainly knows that the likes of Kasper and Marx are but pawns in the chess game Francis is playing.

It is good that, more than ten weeks after the disgraceful Synod, the “H”-word resounds from high quarters. It is a useful reminder to The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) about what will very probably happen if he were to go Castro on Church doctrine.

Kudos to Cardinal Müller, then. By all his theological shortcomings, this man shows that he does not fear conflict or demotion for the sake of the Church.





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  1. Look at this : a video from a Protestant TV-preacher ; an absolute must-see. (It’s only 8 minutes long.)

    Thanks to

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

  2. You should have stuck it out, Mundabor. It gets better, he makes some very pertinent points even if he repeats himself. This guy calls a sodomite a sodomite and refuses to ‘cave in’ under an onslaught of threats and hate and he does so publicly.

  3. You should have hung in there M. The preacher man said Francis is the antichrist and is going to hell. Also said he never heard such blasphemy from a place as high. Bracing stuff indeed. He implores Catholics to wake up. I can’t say I disagree. The stupor must stop!

    • I understand he has the right thinking.
      But he was so freaking American…
      we are accustomed to a different style of communication here: more structured, with less repetitions, with less theatre…


  4. Go Cardinal Muller! There’s something very comforting about internicine fighting among the German cardinals. A true foil for Kasper.

  5. I’m American, and I only lasted for two minutes. ‘Wha’s wrong wit choo!?” Very ‘Southern Baptist’, I think. But of course, he’s right to be so indignant. I hope more and more people protest the BoR’s remarks loudly. Maybe Francis would like to try a little ecumenism with this fellow….

  6. The Spirit speaks! I marvel at God and His ability to make weak vacillating men heroes in times such as these. Right now, in front of our eyes, saints are being made. When God strikes he falls like a thunderbolt and woe unto us all. How blessed we are to live in these times. We will witness events and things that have only been read about in times long past.

  7. Good to see that there’s still a brave Cardinal to say something good. I hope Pope Francis will hear him.

  8. Added 5 December 2014

    The blogger Martina Katholik from
    has made some personal comments concerning this TV-preacher which I didn’t translate yesterday in order to make my message short and concentrated on the preacher. Here is my translation of an excerpt of her blog whose title is :

    « Why do the Catholics not react to the blasphematory statements of Pope Francis ? »

    « This is a question asked by a Protestant TV-preacher in this video which is quite worth to be looked on referring to the statements of Pope Francis that Atheists also can go to Heaven. […]

    « We ought to pray for this good man in the video ; may be he will recognize some day in spite of all this horrible crisis of the Church that it is not enough to believe in Jesus Christ, which he defends rightly and with great passion, but that one must be part of the Catholic Church in order to be SURE with certainty that one’s soul is saved for Eternity, even if the Catholic Church in these times is beeing demolished beyond all ressemblance. […]

    By the way : this good man could make some other videos because Pope Francis has not only said this incredible anti-Catholic thing [but many others], without a noticeable reaction from the Catholics all over the world, except the usual International bloggers who can be counted on two hands. »

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    P. S. By the way : I like the Southerners, were they Baptists.

    • My sister lived in Tennessee for several years and she can still produce a southern accent. It’s fun, but seems pretty foreign to some of us northern folks. 😉

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