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The Lowdown On Homosexuality, Part I

When dealing with homosexuality – or any sexual perversion, come to that – we must, if you ask me, keep in mind four main points.

1. Homosexuality is a sexual perversion. As such, it is intrinsically evil.

2. God cannot do evil. He cannot, therefore, make anyone homosexual.

3. Homosexuality can be helped to develop by traumatic or otherwise difficult circumstances in one person's infancy or adolescence, but

4. No one could become homosexual without a repeated indulging in, or consenting to, the perverted thoughts.


These are, among sound Catholics, fully uncontroversial points. Your grand-grandmother would have commented on them with a sonorous “duh?”. She would, in fact, have asked you what made you think that God “makes people with evil tendencies”, and whether you have, by any chance, Calvinist classmates. Still, it bears repeating because these points are often forgotten, even by Catholics who, even when they realise their truth, too often forget their implications. Let us see them.

1. We must stop not only talking about “gays” (they are the saddest, most miserable people around; and they know it very well), but also pretending that being a pervert be something akin to having red hair, or varicose veins. It isn't.

2. “Born that way”is the most blasphemous piece of satanical deception ever devised by the perv lobby.

3. An intact family with clearly defined male and female roles is important in allowing a boy or girl to grow harmoniously, surrounded by positive examples of the behaviour typical of his sex. Failing that – widowhood, say – the extended family and the school should play a role. The priesthood should be seen as an example of quintessential manliness; which, properly intended, it most certainly is. Failing all this, society at large should promote manliness in men, and femininity in women.

4. Homosexuality must go back to be a taboo. Something the mere thinking of which makes one feel disgusted; something the dirt of which sinks to one's very bones. Like bestiality, incest, and pedophilia. It was so when I was growing up. It worked. Men were men. Women were women. The term “metrosexual” did not even exist, people rather said “effeminate man”. But there weren't many of those around. Men were men, and they left you in no doubt about it.


What is happening instead? Homosexuality is everywhere around us not in the quantity of perverts that are around – this is for the next post – but in the way it is smashed in our face as something normal in newspapers, magazines, TV shows, even Hollywood romantic comedies. A very small bunch of perverts wants to persuade your children that it is a) normal, b) fine and even c) cool to be a pervert.

At the same time, manliness is derided and discounted pretty much everywhere. Hollywood comedies where the men are afraid of, or even slapped by, their own wives are rather common; and when they're not, they are the more or less amiable idiots resembling teenagers with a belly added. TV shows promote “families” of perverts, or have the fag as the “cool guy”. In the meantime, the family is attacked from all sides, and even perverts are said to be “a family”. Children are allowed to be raised by perverts.

Male teachers are more and more rare. Manly priest another rarity.

In these circumstances, it is not surprising that Faggotry be somewhat on the rise. But in which way?

Stay tuned.


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