The Lowdown On Homosexuality, Part I

When dealing with homosexuality – or any sexual perversion, come to that – we must, if you ask me, keep in mind four main points.

1. Homosexuality is a sexual perversion. As such, it is intrinsically evil.

2. God cannot do evil. He cannot, therefore, make anyone homosexual.

3. Homosexuality can be helped to develop by traumatic or otherwise difficult circumstances in one person's infancy or adolescence, but

4. No one could become homosexual without a repeated indulging in, or consenting to, the perverted thoughts.


These are, among sound Catholics, fully uncontroversial points. Your grand-grandmother would have commented on them with a sonorous “duh?”. She would, in fact, have asked you what made you think that God “makes people with evil tendencies”, and whether you have, by any chance, Calvinist classmates. Still, it bears repeating because these points are often forgotten, even by Catholics who, even when they realise their truth, too often forget their implications. Let us see them.

1. We must stop not only talking about “gays” (they are the saddest, most miserable people around; and they know it very well), but also pretending that being a pervert be something akin to having red hair, or varicose veins. It isn't.

2. “Born that way”is the most blasphemous piece of satanical deception ever devised by the perv lobby.

3. An intact family with clearly defined male and female roles is important in allowing a boy or girl to grow harmoniously, surrounded by positive examples of the behaviour typical of his sex. Failing that – widowhood, say – the extended family and the school should play a role. The priesthood should be seen as an example of quintessential manliness; which, properly intended, it most certainly is. Failing all this, society at large should promote manliness in men, and femininity in women.

4. Homosexuality must go back to be a taboo. Something the mere thinking of which makes one feel disgusted; something the dirt of which sinks to one's very bones. Like bestiality, incest, and pedophilia. It was so when I was growing up. It worked. Men were men. Women were women. The term “metrosexual” did not even exist, people rather said “effeminate man”. But there weren't many of those around. Men were men, and they left you in no doubt about it.


What is happening instead? Homosexuality is everywhere around us not in the quantity of perverts that are around – this is for the next post – but in the way it is smashed in our face as something normal in newspapers, magazines, TV shows, even Hollywood romantic comedies. A very small bunch of perverts wants to persuade your children that it is a) normal, b) fine and even c) cool to be a pervert.

At the same time, manliness is derided and discounted pretty much everywhere. Hollywood comedies where the men are afraid of, or even slapped by, their own wives are rather common; and when they're not, they are the more or less amiable idiots resembling teenagers with a belly added. TV shows promote “families” of perverts, or have the fag as the “cool guy”. In the meantime, the family is attacked from all sides, and even perverts are said to be “a family”. Children are allowed to be raised by perverts.

Male teachers are more and more rare. Manly priest another rarity.

In these circumstances, it is not surprising that Faggotry be somewhat on the rise. But in which way?

Stay tuned.


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  1. The Catholic Church teaches: “Basing itself on sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2357).

    I find the following analogy also very helpful. Even if there is a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality (and studies on this point are inconclusive), the behavior remains unnatural because homosexuality is still not part of the supernatural and natural design of humanity. It does not make homosexual behavior acceptable; other behaviors are not rendered acceptable simply because there may be a genetic predisposition toward them.

    For example, scientific studies suggest some people are born with a hereditary disposition to alcoholism, but no one would argue someone ought to fulfill these inborn urges by becoming an alcoholic. Alcoholism is not an acceptable “lifestyle” and pales in the comparison to that of committing the abominable sexual acts of homosexuality.

    Clerics are naïve and do great moral disservice to the Church when they teach that homosexuals that commit themselves to a life of complete chastity is a realistic option to be offered out of charity. How difficult or nearly impossible would it be for a pious married Catholic man and woman to refrain from sexual relations let alone offer this nonsense to a homosexual couple(?) as a choice to consider. Jesus did indeed love the sinner but detested the sin and the forgiveness was ALWAYS to repent and go and sin no more.

    George Brenner

    • I allow myself to add than to simply offer “chastity” as a solution is like saying that homosexuality is good, provided that chastity is there. Which is like saying that pedophilia is good, provided no child is raped.

      I do not buy much the one with the “genetic predisposition”, which I nowadays find abused to justify everything from obesity to, well, sexual perversion. But if anything of the sort were to be present, it would never, and it could never, be determining of the actions of a man. And if it isn’t, then the entire argument falls anyway.

      The genetic predisposition is also, on a common sense basis, denied by the elementary observation – very clear to all those who have eyes to see – that traditional societies with well-defined roles clearly have less fags than confused and broken ones.


  2. The saddest thing of all: “Children are allowed to be raised by perverts.” Lord, have mercy on those innocent souls.

  3. As one trying hard to escape this, Thankyou M.
    Also please could your readers all offer a quick ave for me on this here feast of The Immaculate Conception

    • You are welcome, vaticano.
      Prayer and the reading of blogs like this will, I am sure, be of help (the first more, of course).
      Do not listen to those who tell you anything else than the simple concepts I have tried to explain. If I understand you correctly, the devil is after you. Stay near to the Blessed Virgin.
      Homosexuality must go back to be a taboo.

  4. With all due respect, Mundabor, I did want to ask you for some further clarification about Point 2, God cannot do evil. He cannot, therefore, make anyone homosexual.

    Even if God is not making anybody homosexual, we still are faced with an undeniable number of people who are born with various defects. How does that get reconciled with God not doing any evil?

    • A defect is not an evil, is an imperfection.
      To be born blind does not mean to be born evil. It means that God gives to some people some graces, and to some other people other graces. The ultimate reason why, say, one is born a retard and another a genius may escape us, but neither is evil. Rather, it is a consequence of the Fall that the human condition is not what was originally planned. But again, this isn’t evil; exactly like an hurricane isn’t evil, though God undoubtedly has decreed that there be hurricanes.
      More in general disease and health, youth and old age, poverty and wealth, beauty and ugliness clearly seem to have the function of helping souls to go to heaven: the rich helps the poor, the poor is grateful to the rich, the ugly develops special talents (charity, say, or resignation, or human sympathy, or whatever else) and the beautiful learns not to use his beauty to humiliate others; old age and diseases help us to slowly turn our gaze to heaven, etc.

  5. A tendency to do (by thought, word or deed) that which is intrinsically evil is not something given by God. God does not give anyone a desire to do or support intrinsic evil. To identify oneself – and to demand that others identify oneself – with an inherent tendency to intrinsic evil, to sexual perversion, is a lie, and gravely evil. This lie causes all of the other evils of “homosexuality” to develop, to proliferate, to corrupt whole societies, beginning with the deliberate corruption of children, before they are even capable of any serious personal sin.

    The enemies of the Faith and the moral law have succeeded in brainwashing the majority of people, including Catholics, that some persons are created “homosexual”, and this is because the majority of bishops, priests (and the current Pope) fail to teach the truth about the moral person, made in the image and likeness of God, and rather, collude; with the evil premise that some people “are homosexual” as it were an inherent state rather than one developed through intentional acts.

    Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle.

  6. I’ve noticed though that they are getting away from the ‘born this way’ line. There are all kinds of ‘new’ sexualities people are talking about. asexual, demisexual, pansexual. They also are in favor of sexuality being ‘fluid’ which means it changes back and forth and over time. I’m sure some are still supporting the ‘born this way’ thinking but others are saying it can change. Of course, if you said a gay person could go back to being straight you’d probably get shouted down by them. But if you say a straight person could change later in life to being bisexual or gay or whatever else they make up, then you’d get their full support. Just something I’ve been noticing a lot on the internet.

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