The Lowdown On Homosexuality, Part II.

We have seen in the first part of this post that In the modern, secular world everything conspires in exposing your children to homosexual behaviour and – just so we do not think these homos are the innocent flowers – consider it not only normal but, if at all possible, their very own normality.

The conditions for that have never been so favourable since Sodom. You would think homosexuality would vastly increase. It clearly doesn’t. Let us see why.

If you remember the four points of the first part, you will recognise that the goodness in-built by God into everyone of us is very solidly established. Sexual instincts are solidly rooted. It isn’t easy to accustom one to liking crap instead of ice cream. One can see as many TV show as you want, but ice cream is what he will, very probably, still want.

Yes, there are certainly more people who eat crap – or commit acts of sodomy – in, say, England than in, say, Italy, as the strong separation of roles and the generally healthier families and enlarged families in the latter creates better conditions for the proper development of the young. But still, homosexuality isn’t anywhere near “mainstream”.

You Anglo readers, think of your school time, high school, university. How many were the pervs? Very few, I am sure. More than in Italy or Spain? Most certainly. Why is this? Because a better, cleaner environment makes life more difficult for the germs of sexual perversion.

Still, we are talking of small numbers. Between less than half a percent (in solid societies) and around one and a half percent (in broken societies) is what it is reasonable to assume and, coincidentally, what I remember reading on some sound Catholic source. These figures make sense. Even to assume a 3% perversion rate would mean that in every gymnasium class of thirty in your youth there would have been a homosexual or lesbian; which is patently absurd compared with the experience of everyone of us. I struggle to believe that even half that number apply, even in the UK, but again I grew up in a healthy environment. Still, we are talking very small numbers.

This means that an ocean of priests, countless bishops and cardinals, and even a Pope are prostituting themselves like saloon whores to a very, very tiny minority of people who don’t even care a straw for Catholicism, and to the forcibly very small number of their parents.

The numbers are obvious to everyone who has eyes to see, and they tell us that the phenomenon is, whilst shocking in its disgusting depravity, limited in its numbers. If our shepherds had some fear of the Lord, half of the discussions about sexual perversion would not take place, because it would be so easy to silence, isolate, shame and excommunicate thus small bunch of rebellious perverts. Unless…

Unless, that is, the shepherds are so cowardly, that they are afraid to tell a truth inconvenient to 1% of the population at large, and very probably less among Catholics (more intact families, etc.).

Or, alternatively, unless the numbers of homosexuals among priests is vastly, vastly superior to what can be found in society at large and, actually, a substantial multiple of the 0.5 to 1.5 percent already mentioned.

Which latter hypothesis brings, again, all the pieces in their own place: a very tiny minority of perverts, vastly over represented among those who should fight against sexual perversion the most.

The springtime of the Church turned out to have a very shrill voice. But you, you will call the devil’s bluff, and expose the prophets of “mercy” as a bunch of faggots.


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  1. Dear Mundabor

    There are a great number of “odd-ducks” in the priesthood these days, but determining what percentage are homo- seems greatly complicated by the emasculation of the Western world’s male populations, which has progressed more rapidly with the help of the feminized, pacifist-Jesus role-model, the modernists have promoted for several generations.

    Is the “new pastor” a covert homosexual or just one more “shining seminary- example of a man “in closer touch with his feminine-side” who is thoroughly convinced his life closely resembles that of our Master, and is eager to pass on all he has learned? Both set off the “queasy” alarms.

    • Expressions like “in closer touch with his feminine” would, of course, already indicate a homo…

      I have one seen a priest with a very shrill voice get all excited whilst he encouraged the people in church to wave their white handkerchief to the Blessed Virgin. It was more than embarrassing, it was sickening.


    • Estimates as to the percentage of homosexual clergy in the USA vary but all of them that i have read or heard in are significantly higher than the general population. One orthodox seminary professor priest estimated about 20 % but believed most of these were not a problem. They were not a problem for him, and my assessment was that he was missing quite a bit …until he resigned over 2 ordinations which later proved to be problem priests.
      It is confusing at times, because some of the priests and some laymen also are so compliant with the homosexual clergy that one would mistake their lack of insight for possible homosexuality. If one is a clergyman and getting promoted , placed in an important position, or being made a bishop or cardinal and he is not outspoken re the
      sinfulness of the homosexual life style and its damage to society, and the need to fight against the homosexual agenda then that can be interpreted as a reg flag.

      For a clergyman getting promoted to an important position to say, “it is only the acts which are wrong” or to dwell on gay “rights” amounts to little more than a facade which encourages complacency regarding this problem for orthodox and informed Catholics who might otherwise be taking action against the homosexual agenda. One can be sure that the state of the clergy will not improve under the leadership of this type of clergyman. Unfortunately few of the Bishops and Cardinals have been honest and outspoken about the Homosexual problem.

    • This professor’s rubbish is exactly why I have written the blog posts.
      Who on his right mind would believe that one in five is a pervert? I tell you who: a pervert!
      Kinsey went into jails to make his “research” and “statistics”. I do not know whether he was more stupid, or the people who believed him.

  2. Kinsey was not stupid, he had an agenda, because he himself was a pervert.
    In an Italian newspaper, today, is an article about the millions that the LGBT lobby is worth of.
    So one can understand why the whole matter is put forth day one and day not.
    Ah, auri sacra fames !

  3. Oooh..Oooh a game? Alex, can I take #2, the “vastly, vastly superior numbers” one? Or is that one already taken?

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